Staff Bios

Abbey Huffer is a Sophomore, joining her first year on The Roar staff. Abbey loves to work on more opinionated pieces such as pro/con articles and features. In her free time she loves to sing, binge-watch shows such as New Girl and Shameless, and play with her cats. After high school she would like to go to college and major in psychology, criminology, and journalism to pursue a job as an investigative journalist. 

Addison is a Sophomore at Coronado High School. This is her first year of writing for The Roar, and she is ecstatic to start to be a part of the Journalism staff. While she’s not writing, you can often find her playing sports, watching tons of murder shows, and hanging out with friends. Addison owns two dogs, Lucy and Chloe, who just love to bark at every little chance they get. She hopes to continue writing for the school and keep going through Journalism throughout High School!

AJ is a Senior in their first year with The Roar. As a new staff member, they are more excited than ever to have the opportunity to write more. They enjoy making art pieces in their free time as well as writing fantasy and fiction. A hopeful student who is anxious to get started on their journalism journey.

Aubree Gearhart is a Junior, attending her second year on The Roar staff. Her favorite sections to write about are arts and entertainment and news. She one day hopes to pursue a career in either Journalism/Broadcasting or Criminology. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her friends, reading, and writing, and swimming. Her favorite shows are Friends and Criminal Minds and her favorite movie is Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

Brianna is a senior at Coronado High School. This is her fourth year on The Roar, and she is more than excited to be this year’s News Editor and Co-EIC. She aims to bring energy, witt, and plenty of sparkle to her writing. When she is not working at her keyboard, Brianna can be found watching goofy competition shows on Netflix, reading way too much fantasy, and drinking copious amounts of coffee. Brianna hopes to pursue journalism and/or theatre in college. 

Cecily Boyle is a junior, and this is her second year on the staff. In her free time, she enjoys walking her dog and playing video games online especially with her friends. She is really excited to have her 2nd year on the staff and wants to have a great year.

James is a senior at Coronado High School. This is his first year writing for The Roar and he is really excited to be a part of the staff. James really enjoys playing guitar, collecting sports jerseys, and engaging with all types of people. He really enjoys watching every Golden Knights game and knows pretty much everything about the team. After high school, James wants to go to college and study sports journalism for his future career. James can’t wait for what the future holds!

Lilia Combs is a Sophomore, attending her first year on The Roar staff. Her favorite sections to write are opinion and arts and entertainment. She one day hopes to pursue a career in education on the primary school level or in child psychology. In her spare time, she enjoys watching conspiracy theories or discussing the philosophies of life and death. Her favorite tv shows are Bachelor in Paradise or The Bachelor. Her favorite series is Twilight.

Lorin Alukonis, senior, is excited for her second year as the features editor on The Roar news staff. She enjoys playing club volleyball in her free time as well as late-night drives with her best friends. Her favorite types of music to listen to are indie pop and throw-back 2000s songs, specifically the early 2000s; she also loves meeting new people and becoming friends with anyone she comes across. One of her goals is to graduate with a sports medicine major and to experience the wondrous college lifestyle.

Madison Kitch is a senior and this year’s Editor-In-Chief for The Roar. This is her fourth year on staff, and she’s excited to end her high school experience on a good note. She enjoys hanging out with her friends but values her time alone more than anything. Her favorite movie is Good Will Hunting, and she enjoys rewatching Bojack Horseman and Gilmore Girls in her minimal spare time. Some of her favorite artists include PJ Harvey, Liz Phair, Pixies, and Green Day.  Madison doesn’t know where she plans to go to college yet, but she knows she’ll love it, no matter what.

Maya Fankulewski, senior, is a third-year writer for The Roar. She enjoys writing features and opinion pieces. In her free time, she hangs out with her friends, reads books, and volunteers in the community. In addition, Maya enjoys traveling and trying new things. She hopes to pursue a career that involves journalism.

Oliver Van Aken is a senior and this year’s Editor-In-Chief for The Roar. This is his third year as an editor, and he’s looking forward to a progressive and memorable end to high school. He enjoys gardening or tending to his pet fish, but also values socializing with the people who matter most to him including family and friends. Oliver additionally spends his time working at Target, where he is a service desk associate. He enjoys listening to music and his favorite artists are Stevie Wonder, Weezer, Greta Van Fleet, Mac Miller, and ACA.

Valerie Perez is a senior and is completing her fourth year on staff as an opinion editor. She is excited to celebrate her last year and participate as much as she can. She loves to spend her time with friends, shopping much too often, and finding a new plant she can house. Valerie is optimistic to grow as a person and is determined to follow her passions as she moves on from high school to college.