Dalton Simpson performs in a dress and a wig as the junior class boy band dances to “Say Something.” 
(Photo by Amaya Hunsberger)

Junior boy band flips away competition

Picture this: a roaring audience, intense song remixes, and a bunch of guys dancing in their boxers. This was the Boy Bands portion of the Spring Assembly where the junior class boy band won. Continue Reading

Juniors celebrate key defensive stop of senior offense during the Powderpuff football game on April 8. 
(Photo by Marcus Hunt)

Juniors take on seniors in powerderpuff game

Gridiron glory, eye black, and female empowerment. On the second day of the battle of the sexes spring spirit week, the annual powderpuff football game kicked off. Continue Reading

StuCo prepares hot dogs in the courtyard at lunch on April 11 during Spring Spirit Week to celebrate the battle of the sexes and promote the spring assembly.
 (Photo by Kacie Leach)

StuCo grills for awareness

Last Friday after a fabulous spirit week, with the theme ‘Battle of the Sexes,’ Student Council gave away free hot dogs to anyone who wanted one, just as they do after every spirit week. Continue Reading

Illustration by Tim Leddick

News creates tuberculosis epidemic

Channel 13 News cemented themselves in front of the school for over a week. All for what? The recent recorded case of tuberculosis has caused an obsessive stir among local news stations, despite a vow of silence from Coronado administrators. Continue Reading

The High Roller is just one of the many new openings at The LINQ located between The Flamingo and The Quad on The Strip. The LINQ also offers California's famous Sprinkles Cupcakes, Ice Cream, and Cookies along with a sleek and modern Yard House with patio top seating overlooking The Strip skyline.

Photo by Makena Markman

Las Vegas offers new attractions

Not only is the weather changing in Las Vegas, but so is the city. Many changes will be coming to Las Vegas, both on and off of the strip in 2014. Continue Reading