Senior Spotlight: Nick Higgins strides towards success



Breaking through the finish line// Racing towards the end, Nick Higgins impossibly speeds up. He celebrated afterwards with breakfast with his team. (Photos courtesy Jevon Dyer)

Senior Spotlight: Nick Higgins strides towards success 

by Ella Jacobson 

It’s 5:45 AM on a Tuesday- the sun still not up. The cross country team is stretching after their grueling practice. Well, most of the team. Still on the track, Nick Higgins pushes on. At his speed, you would think that he is sprinting 100 meters, not his 4th mile. He finally collapses at the finish line while everyone else watches in mild amazement, as they are all used to seeing this effort from Nick.

Nick Higgins is someone who tries harder than most people. This senior has an incredible attitude and work ethic in all that he does, especially when it comes to running Cross Country. 

“I go into the mindset of there’s only one outcome: going above and beyond,” Higgins said. “I want to turn challenges into something positive.”

For the majority of us, quitting is irresistible at one point or another. For Higgins, it isn’t even an option. He looks forward to challenges and giving them his all. While he is undeniably competitive with himself, he wants the best for his teammates and those around him as well. 

“Cross country may seem like an individualistic sport, but it’s the team that actually makes you better,” Higgins said. “You can get better by yourself or you can help the team get faster, and competitively you want to do that because the more people there are to push you, the faster you’ll have to go.”

Last year, true to this claim, Higgins received an award for cheering his teammates on. There is no bigger supporter than him during meets. Other than supporting his teammates, Higgins is a believer in other kind acts. 

“I have to do a good thing before I get to race even if it’s as simple as holding open a door or doing a chore so I give back instead of just taking,” Higgins said. “It feels like I am putting something positive out in the world so it comes back to me.”

With this perspective, Higgins contributes so much to the world around him. He pushes himself to be better, those around him to be better, and he simply makes the world a better place with his conscious actions. 

With all of his careful preparation, Higgins remains superstitious. Before each meet, he takes certain precautions. 

“I put on my uniform and fix one sock to be inside out on my right foot and then the correct way on my left foot,” Higgins said.  “Also, the number eight has to appear; it’s my lucky number. For example, I drink 800 milliliters of my electrolyte drink. I also avoid anything with thirteen because that’s unlucky. For example, I would never warm up thirteen minutes before the race.” 

At the end of the race, after his practice and precautions, Nick walks off knowing that he tried his hardest. He is satisfied with the knowledge that he did everything he could to perform his best. 

“After a meet, I’m tired, but I feel proud of myself whenever I cross the line because I know that I tried my hardest and I am grateful to be out there and finish the race with times that I’m happy with.”

Nick goes through his life at a speed (literally) that most of us only stare at longingly. Everyone could learn from Nick. “We should all take a bit of who he is so that we can lift each other up and be the best we can be, in whatever path we choose.