TV Girl and Jordana perform at Brooklyn Bowl in Las Vegas’ The LINQ Hotel


In his element // Standing before the crowd, lead singer Brad Petering sings “Daughter of a Cop” from the album French Exit. Following was his minute-long ad announcement promoting Mountain Dew’s new Code Red soda, which was the sponsorship funding the tour. (Photo by Mariska Roberts)

TV Girl and Jordana perform at Brooklyn Bowl in Las Vegas’ The LINQ Hotel 

By Mariska Roberts

From underground to mainstream, the Alternative/Indie rock band, TV Girl, accumulated popularity in recent years after gaining public recognition through social media like TikTok.

This rise to fame led to the band’s sell-out of tickets for their recent show on November 26.

For those who had been long-dedicated to the band, they played songs like “Daughter of a Cop,” “Louise,” “Safeword,” and many more of their tunes from the 2010s. Most new fans know the band for songs like “Lovers Rock,” “Not Allowed,” “Cigarettes out the Window,” “Blue Hair,” and more that found their way to many teens’ playlists after their internet virality.

In June of 2023, they released the album, Grapes Upon the Vine, which features a soul/gospel style of music that differs from the usual feel of their music. Surprisingly, fans shunned the new release, it didn’t raise enough profit to cover the cost of touring for the album. As a result, the band paired with Mountain Dew Code Red as a sponsor. Still, their early albums continued to reach more audiences and gain popularity.

Outside the bowling alley was a line of teens, parents, and young adults snaked around the surrounding shops, traveling almost to Las Vegas Blvd. However, the trail of people was nothing compared to the 30-minute delay on both the highway and surface streets that led to it. Despite the difficulties of travel, entry was a smooth process. A ticket scan and metal detector walk-through were all it took to get in. 

The night opened with Jordana, a pop artist with incredible vocals, who collaborated with TV Girl to make the album, Summer’s Over, which includes songs, “Jump the Turnstile” and “Better in the Dark”. Her voice overtook the crowd immediately, silencing everyone from the ground floor to the overhead seats with the angelic sound. For over an hour, her relaxed and comfortable energy on stage eased the packed venue and allowed a seamless transition into the group everyone had anticipated. 

The band made their way on stage, wasting no time before starting their serenade. Despite the unpopularity of Grapes Upon the Vine, they began with “I’ll Be Faithful,” the first song in the album. Lights resembling glass-stained murals of their signature image, an illustrated woman, gleamed from behind them, the art style imitated the look of church windows in the theme of their not-so-praised album.

As the night continued, the crowd noticeably relaxed, swaying to the rhythm of the music surrounding them while the lights above synchronized with each symphony. 

Although most songs were sad, sentimental, or even controversial, there was a sense of comfort within each one, whether it be the intro samples, lyrics, or unique instrumentals. Even in the periodic shouting in the sea of people, there was peace. 

The most admirable aspect of the event was the energy that filled the crowd of different ages and backgrounds. Although some fans have only recently found their music, the band played for every audience, not just long-time listeners or new-found fans.

Initially, it seemed outrageous to spend $140 on just one ticket, but I quickly learned that the purchase was worth every penny. TV Girl and Jordana were delightful to see, their stage presence was entertaining, the visuals were hypnotizing, and the music was enticing. 

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