Winter Wonderland: Coming to Coronado High School


Happy Holidays from Coronado Theatre// The Theatre 1 class performs their group piece, “That Christmas Morning Feeling.” The theatre classes had about three weeks to choreograph and direct their performance pieces for the big event. (Photo by Brianna Gracia)

Winter Wonderland: Coming to Coronado High School 

by Brianna Gracia

December has arrived, and Coronado’s Theatre Department has spared no time in preparing for the festivities. Annually, the department hosts Winter Wonderland – a variety of winter-themed performances – for the public. 

Pieces will include four group numbers, one representing each class. Audience members might recognize titles such as “Fixer Upper” from Frozen the Musical and “The Most Wonderful Day of the Year,” specifically the rendition from Glee

“The purpose of the Winter Wonderland showcase is to present a number from each theatre class and spread the holiday joy,” Sloane Jacobs, Co-Vice President of the Theatre Department, said.

What made this year’s showcase different from previous years is that the show is speculated to be sold out. The National Charity League (NCL) has claimed nearly fifty seats, meaning the show will have a full audience.

“When the tickets sold out for the winter showcase, our department was so excited and grateful to have a full house for our performance,” Jacobs said. “We hope people will watch and are interested in joining our department.”  

In a time when students are stressed by midterms, seniors anticipating college, and the new year on the horizon, a little winter cheer can raise many spirits. It is the joy of music and community the theatre department aims to bring to the public with the Winter Wonderland Showcase. 

If students are looking to support the theatre department further, they can look forward to Sister Act, the spring musical, coming in February 2024.