Perry’s show prismatic in Vegas


By Jillian McClure

 Katy Perry soars over the pit section during her song “Walking On Air” at her MGM Grand Garden Arena concert in Las Vegas on Friday, Sept 26. (Photo by Jillian McClure)

Katy Perry soars over the pit section during her song “Walking On Air” at her MGM Grand Garden Arena concert in Las Vegas on Friday, Sept 26. (Photo by Jillian McClure)

The days of bubble gum and cotton candy-esque themed performances came to an end for pop star Katy Perry in her Prismatic World Tour.

Donned in Egyptian attire and elaborate sparkling gowns, Perry showed over 16,000 screaming fans that she has what it takes to be taken seriously while still being her magnificently unique self.

Seated in the nosebleeds of the sold out MGM Grand Garden Arena, the whole concert folded out before my eyes.

Perry began with her jungle hit “Roar” after emerging from the center of a huge prism. Like all of the other songs, “Roar” had a video on the big screen at the back of the stage and in this case, no surprise, there was a lion roaring at the audience. Her voice carried beautifully throughout the arena, reaching the top of the stadium.

After a handful of songs, Perry would leave the stage via a hidden trap door in the floor to switch into the next themed costume.Theatrical skits by costumed rats and cats and videos with voiceovers by Perry on the big screen filled the moments in between the costume changes. I found myself getting bored in the minutes it took Perry to change, although the crowd kept me intrigued.

Young children were dressed up in costumes, hoping for a chance to get Perry’s attention. Perry called one lucky young girl and her brother on stage to chat and receive a free box of pizza. Watching Perry with those two kids, gave me the impression that she is a truly caring person.

The Prismatic Tour was significantly different than the California Dreams Tour shown in Perry’s concert movie, Part of Me. Perry was more grown up with her costumes and skits, although still young and energetic in her rainbow-colored hair way.

My favorite performance, including the costume and song itself, was “It Takes Two” from her album Prism. Perry stood on a rising circle platform at the front of the stage with a ridiculously long dress meant to be a yin-yang symbol. The slower song showcased Perry’s true talent as a singer and reminded me why she became famous in the first place.

Flying contraptions took Perry and her dancers up into the air throughout multiple songs. During her song “Walking on Air,” Perry took to the skies and flew over the blue-cloth covered pit section of the audience.

Not only did Perry play her new hits, but she tossed in some of her oldies. “I Kissed a Girl,” “California Gurls,” and “Firework” are just a few. Ending with “Firework,” the big screen told the audience, “Prism Vision,” which meant they should put on the 3-D looking glasses given to people who took a picture outside the arena at Covergirl prior to the show. The glasses made all the lights look like a prism, accordingly, and quadrupled the fireworks on the big screen.

Overall, Perry’s Prismatic World Tour impressed me despite some long pauses, and I left feeling like she personalized her show just for Vegas. Perry performed for over two hours and made a lot of cutesy Vegas jokes. She didn’t change who she was and showed the thousands who came to see her that she appreciates her fans, the proclaimed KatyCats.