School overflows with students


By Kaden Reichel

Image made by Ainsley Davis, it represents a crowded cafeteria with students getting their lunch but having issues getting through the line.

Coronado has 3406 students, making it overcrowded and filled to the brim with students. The issues that come with having so many students include loaded hallways and stairs, difficulty with drop-off and pick-up, extremely large class sizes, and people trying to get in and out of a congested parking lot. These small issues collectively have a large impact that directly affects the student body.

The amount of students crowd up the hallways, so usually groups of kids swarm out of the doors preventing anyone from getting in or out easily. The staircase has a similar issue where most of the kids going down make it difficult to go up and down; it also makes for a more dangerous situation if someone were to fall, or in the event of an emergency, someone could be injured.

Several students couldn’t get schedule changes because the classes are filled to the brim; some classes are so full, students are forced to share desks or sit on the ground. The cafeteria sums up how crowded the school is as many students can’t get into the lunch room, and even if they do, they can’t get a seat because there aren’t enough tables and chairs. Though they tried to fix this by leveling the classes, changing students’ schedules to try to even out the classes, there are still too many students for this method to work efficiently and effectively.

Morning and afternoon drop-off and pick-up are a nightmare as a result of the backup of cars. So many students get stuck at the traffic light when it’s red that it creates a traffic jam; the line goes back much farther than expected reaching all the way to Eastern. The area quickly gets congested making it like a maze to attempt to get through. The traffic situation becomes dreadful to the point that it is at a standstill, usually forcing students to get out at the tennis courts instead of unloading at the front of the school.

The parking lot is packed because most of the spots are reserved for students and teachers, but parents still try to enter the parking lot to make it easier for their children. Students are stuck in the same place as they can’t get in to their spots or into the parking lot because many parents are in there trying to get in or out. They create congestion and block the entrances and exits as they attempt to swarm and maneuver in and out of the parking lot.

Until the zone lines are redrawn and the new school districts are formed, small solutions that can be implemented now include going on the right side in the hallways to allow others to get in and out, adding more tables to the cafeteria to give students more seats, and carpooling to reduce the number of cars in use.