Which teacher has impacted your education the most?


“Mrs. Bolken because she has been really fun, and I learn a lot from her.” Christopher Cascardo, 9

“‘Mr. Fleischer. I don’t have him for any classes this year, but last year his class was my favorite. He was funny and really cares about people. I knew I could always go to him if I had a problem, and I still can this year. He’s overall a great guy.” Andrew Nelson, 10

“One teacher that has really impacted my life is Mr. Padilla. He made class fun while still teaching us a lot, and I know that he really cares about his students.” Hailey Cromwell, 11

“Mr. Bartlett has impacted my education the most. Last year I would go in before school to get help with my Algebra 2 because I struggled with it so much. He is very patient and connects with all of his students. He makes learning fun and not complicated. Without him caring so much and trying different techniques to help me, I would be retaking Algebra 2 this year.” Jazlynn Meeks, 12