Blink 182 has all age appeal


By Rachael Mintz

Tom Delonge, guitarist and lead singer, and Travis Barker, drummer, perform the hit song "I Miss You" at the Cosmopolitan's  Boulevard Pool on September 19.
Tom Delonge, guitarist/lead singer, and Travis Barker, drummer, perform the hit song “I Miss You” at the Cosmopolitan’s Boulevard Pool on September 19. (Photo by Rachael Mintz)

Fans of all ages packed the Boulevard Pool at the Cosmopolitan on the Strip, one of the best venues for a concert in Las Vegas, on September 19 for California punk-rock band Blink-182. This tour would be the first time that Blink would play songs from their most recently released “Dogs Eating Dogs” EP.

From writing songs about not wanting to grow up, drinking with their best friends, and having sex to writing about more adult concerns like mending relationships and losing close friends, “I guess this is growin’ up” for Blink-182.

Travis Barker, Mark Hoppus, and Tom Delonge may be pushing 40 but are still able to put on one heck of a show with a jam-packed setlist of 22 songs. Blink opened the show with the hit song “Feeling This” and played other memorable hits such as, “What’s My Age Again,” “I Miss You,” “Always,” and “First Date.” There was not one song that the crowd was not singing along to.

Before playing their number one hit, “All the Small Things,” the boys paid tribute to their close friend, Chris Baker, who died in a plane crash in 2008. Drummer, Travis Barker, was on the same plane but lived. They dedicated “Ghost on the Dance Floor” from the more recently released album “Neighborhoods” in honor of him.

They closed out the show with “Josie,” which followed with the crowd demanding a three song encore. Blink gave the wound up crowd what they were asking for and came back out to play “Carousel,” “Dammit,” and “Family Reunion” to finish off the concert.

Blink played songs from all of their most successful albums, ranging from “Cheshire Cat” that was released in 1994 to “Neighborhoods” that was released in 2011. After all of the hype and 17 years on tour, Blink-182 did not disappoint in Las Vegas.