R5 sells out Henderson Pavilion


By Haley King

Standing center stage with his siblings, Riker Lynch welcomes fans and prepares to perform R5’s latest hits. (Photo by Haley King)

It’s the talent and the meaning of the songs that really counts in a performance. Sure, the songs could have a great beat to them, but if it’s just empty words then there’s no reason to listen to the artist.

R5 demonstrated to their fans at the Henderson Pavilion on Friday, Sept. 12 that they have what it takes to be an extraordinary, talented band with music that truly moves people.

The fact that the concert was sold out proves that R5 is an artistic group that is loved by many.

There were some technical difficulties with their speakers that made it hard to hear the words of the songs. Luckily, the fans helped by singing the words along with them. The band’s performance was an enjoyable and boisterous event.  Many were dancing, jumping, and downright rowdy.

R5 is a teen pop band featuring Disney Channel’s television star, Ross Lynch. The group is made up of Lynch’s siblings along with their best friend and drummer, Ellington Ratliff.

America’s Got Talent siblings, Brandon and Savannah, were the first opening act for R5. Thier music was a mix of electronic and edgy pop. The music was powerful and upbeat. Overall, their short performance was impressive.

The second act was DJ Ryland, another member of the Lynch family, who is not in the band. The songs he played were popular songs everyone knew, and the crowd was singing and dancing along with passion.

The audience, mostly young teen girls, packed the Pavillion making R5 feel very welcomed. The screams were deafening, and the beats of the drums and the bass shook the ground. Unfortunately, at times the music and the screaming fans overpowered their voices and made them sound muffled and quiet.

Though the concert was held outside in the heat of the summer, it had little impact on the vibe of the fans and R5’s dynamic performance. The crowd was lively throughout the whole show.

R5 kept the fans engaged to the end and honored them by performing an encore.

The coordination between the beat and the magnificently colored strobe lights, complimented each song R5 performed.

Overall, R5 gave their fans a phenomenal concert.