Cane’s makes it big for lunch


By Karissa Erven

Student council members sell Cane’s every Friday at lunch for six dollars. (Photo by Karissa Erven)
Student council members sell Cane’s every Friday at lunch for $6. (Photo by Karissa Erven)

There is no better way to end a Friday than with Cane’s for lunch. Cane’s, being the large franchise that it is, has a high demand from teenagers especially.

At school, students can get the box combo for $6, which includes four chicken strips, a piece of Texas toast , and some fries that are sadly soggy. Compared to eating at an actual Cane’s location, the box combo is $7, but it includes a drink with their famous special sauce, and the best part, no soggy fries.

“I like to get Cane’s at school because they are a lot better than the school lunches,” Kaylee Goss, freshman, said.

While Cane’s may taste great, the salty factor can lead to dehydration and severe thirst to wash down the overbearing flavor. When purchasing Canes on campus, it is almost a form of stealing your money because now you also need to buy a drink from the cafeteria.

With StuCo heading to Disneyland on February 20, Cane’s won’t be sold at lunch for the next two weeks.

“I’m very sad that we can’t get Cane’s at school again until March 6 because I forgot my money last Friday,” Goss said.