New dean brings new perspective


By Lauren Smith

Sophomore Lauren Vermeys speaks with Mr. Marshall in his office.
Sophomore Lauren Vermeys speaks with Mr. Marshall in his office. (Photo by Lauren Smith)

As the new semester begins, Mr. Sean Marshall is settling into his new position as dean of students. Mr. Marshall took the place of former dean Mrs. Marla Kober.

A Michigan native, Mr. Marshall enjoys cheering for his home teams, the Detroit Tigers and the Detroit Lions.

“I am from Grand Rapids, Michigan, which is two hours West of Detroit. I did my undergrad at Grand Valley State University near Lake Michigan. I then did my graduate work at UNLV,” Marshall said.

Mr. Marshall transferred from Palo Verde High School where he worked as a teacher.

“I taught U. S. history and sociology. I also taught A. P. U. S. History for many years,” Marshall said.

Mr. Marshall was very selective about which schools he applied to, and Coronado was on the short list of schools to which he was willing to move.

“I got my Masters Degree in 2011, and I went through leadership for the Clark County School District this past summer. I’ve been very picky about where I wanted to go,” Marshall said.

Mr. Marshall knows it will take some time to get to get know the students and teachers. In addition to covering his responsibilities as dean, he is making establishing himself at Coronado a priority.

“My goal right now is to become a part of the Coronado community,” Marshall said.

Mr. Marshall has been one of the three deans as of December 15. He is the dean of students, alpha order G-N.