Miko Griffin wins Mr. Coronado


By Hailey Krantz

Senior Miko Griffin wins the 2015 Mr. Coronado pageant.
Senior Miko Griffin wins the 2015 Mr. Coronado Pageant. (Photo by Bailey Valadez)

Performing for a packed house, 10 senior boys took the stage on Thursday, Feb.12 to compete for the title of Mr. Coronado and the chance to donate all profits to the charity of their choice.

Cole Ballard, Barry Sabine, Miko Griffin, Manoj Matthew, Daniel Lier, Sam Cox, Dalton Simpson, John Paul Adeva, Ben Viton, and Cole Gerrard all competed in the seventh annual Mr. Coronado Pageant.

Judging the pageant were teachers: Mr. Snead, Mrs. Barlow, and Mrs. McGuan.

The competition first began with a pick-up line contest followed by a group dance with all ten boys. Then individually, each competitor showed his skills in a talent portion and ending the pageant was a question and answer portion.

The contestants did a variety of things from dancing, to singing, to stand up comedy in the talent portion of the show.

Before the end of the competition, Andrew Bennett, from the Lindsay Bennett Foundation came on stage and received a check for over $2,000 from Coronado. Donations were raised throughout the week by contestants as they sold raffle tickets and admission tickets. Half the proceeds went to the Lindsay Bennett Foundation and the other half went to the winner’s charity of choice.

As the competition came to an end, they announced the winners for the dress up days from earlier in the school week.

Monday was Mr. College day, Cole Gerrard took the first win of the week. Miko Griffin won Photogenic day on Tuesday, Manoj Matthew won Betty Crocker day on Wednesday, and Sam Cox won Mr. Cougar day on Thursday.

Next in the show, the winner was announced. Second runner up was Sam Cox, first runner up was Cole Gerrard, and the overall winner was Miko Griffin.

Griffin was competing for the Alzheimer’s Foundation and earned $2,500 for the charity.

“This was an amazing opportunity, and I’m glad I got to do it because I got to meet a lot of great people,” Matthew said.