Truth behind twins


By Regina Dispa

Illustration by Faith Evans
Illustration by Faith Evans

Growing up with an identical twin is like having a best friend by your side in everything that you do. But at the same time it can be quite frustrating. People can never tell you or your twin apart, and it usually takes a couple of months for someone to even notice the slightest difference.

Having a twin has many benefits, such as double the wardrobe which equals double the shoes yet unfortunately, many fights break out due to the combined closet. Imagine having your best friend living with you and basically doing everything together. It can get real old, real quick.

In addition, sharing a best friend can be quite challenging. Competition and jealousy tends to rise up, especially when it comes to boys. If best friends like the same boy, it becomes chaotic, but when twin sisters like the same boy, World War III breaks out.

Also, having your twin in the same class is pretty hilarious for the people around you because you never stop bickering about your twin taking your clothes without asking. It is just like living with your annoying, yet better half.

One of the best things about being a twin is the fact that you always have someone by your side at all times. Scared for the first day of school? No problem! Your twin will be right there with you. The funniest thing is when teachers or friends first find out you have a twin because they freak out by it and ask millions of ridiculous questions.

A common misconception about twins is that they are the yin to their yang. One does not necessarily have to be the “evil” twin while the other is the “good” twin just like the good and bad witches from “The Wizard of Oz.” Twins are more alike than they are different.

Another misconception about twins is that they can communicate through telepathy. Sadly, it is not true; however, twins can sometimes feel each other’s emotions, almost like a sixth sense. Even though twins fight a lot, they could never live without each other.