The Roar thanks teachers

The 2016-2017 Roar staff/ Photo by Lindsey Mitchell
The 2016-2017 Roar staff/ Photo by Lindsey Mitchell

The Roar staff appreciates all the teachers and staff for everything they do to make Coronado such a special place to attend school. Here are a few they would like to personally thank in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week.

Mr. Aberman you are one of the most qualified teachers here at Coronado. I came to AP U.S. History class not really knowing what to expect, but you have surpassed every expectation. I have learned so much from that class, so much more than just history facts. You have exposed us to a variety of new, interesting topics and stories regarding every aspect of U.S. history. Also, you are a fair and understanding teacher who is always rooting for us. Thank you for being an amazing teacher and doing a great job at preparing all of us for the AP exam.

– Paula Dispa

For the two school years that I had Mr. Adams, his classes were always my favorite. He always made U.S. and World History fun and real; he never really sugarcoated anything. Never once did I leave the class wondering if there was a way I could switch out to a different teacher. In fact, his class made me interested in history. Mr. Adams got the information from the lectures across to us without having to give out a plethora of homework.

– Giana Haynia

Mrs. Barton, AP Language and Composition and English 12H teacher, is, for starters, extremely kind and caring. She is always trying to help her students and puts in a remarkable amount of effort and time into her classes. Mrs. Barton’s attention to detail and preciseness develops incredible writers and students; her passion for teaching and English is clear and an inspiration to students. Mrs. Barton pushes her students to grow, as critical thinkers and more. She is one of the best English teachers I have had so far. In addition to being extremely organized and neat, Mrs. Barton and her classroom are known for their glamour and style; her elegant outfits and snazzy shoes never fail to impress. I look up to Mrs. Barton and look forward to her class everyday. I cannot thank her enough for all she has done.

– Karen Pegueros

Mr. Bowler is my favorite teacher because he makes teaching sound like something he loves to do, as opposed to something he begrudgingly has to do. Mr. Bowler’s love for reading, as well as his creative writing personality, make him a person who will help you express your thoughts into your work. The man also talks about his personal life, including his motorcycle, his cats, his love for the great outdoors, Coke, and video games. I saw him with his family at the movies one time, and he didn’t seem at all embarrassed to see one of his students in a public place. He makes it easy to connect with him on a level aside from work, and that forces you to come to the realization that teachers are people, too.

– Lorin Enns

I appreciate Mr. Crego because he cares so much about his students. Mr. Crego is such a great teacher who is truly dedicated to his job. He is always willing to work with students before or after school to ensure their success. He works hard to make sure that everyone understands the concepts and does their best on their assignments and tests. I struggle with math, but Mr. Crego has been so helpful in working with me to understand concepts better. I am so thankful for Mr. Crego’s kindness and dedication to his work, and we are lucky to have a teacher like him at our school.

– Sage Tippie

I appreciate Ms. Crouch, my biology teacher, because she makes learning fun. She gives us fun labs and is always making us laugh with her great jokes. Each day, Ms. Crouch turns the learning experience into something enjoyable and is always willing to give help to any student. Not only does Ms. Crouch help her biology students, she helps with clubs such as Key Club and Aviation Club. For all of this, thank you!

– Ryan Kelleher

I’m very thankful for Mr. Giusto because I couldn’t have asked for a better AP Government teacher. He is so great about making government interesting and connected to the times especially with the election this year. His powerpoints are full of everything to help all of us pass the AP exam as well as really great videos that connect to what we are learning about in an interesting way. He is also really good at explaining things in an easy way to remember them. I am so prepared for the AP exam, and it is all due to his great teaching. I will miss his great meme game and that scary tennis ball (please don’t throw it at me).

– McKenna Cooley

I appreciate my AP Environmental teacher, Mrs. Jackson. She really gives it her all, and she doesn’t try to hide her love for her students. She is so passionate about teaching science and does an amazing job at it. I especially liked creating our Eco-Columns this year, even though both my group’s fishes, Max and Ruby, died. Mrs. Jackson is honestly the sweetest teacher I’ve ever had, and I wish she could be my teacher again next year.

– Sara Seibel

Mr. J. Johnson, avid American, pop music extraordinaire, and everyday funny man teaches his moody and tired students how to laugh through his anecdotes and physical comedy, i.e. the scandalous Mash Potato, in U.S. History Honors and the History of Pop Music. Mr. Johnson has a way of making every fact stick and every moment count. He approaches each historical moment with reverence and respect but still manages to make it relevant today. He never exposes his true feelings about any topic, opting to let students make up their own minds with unbiased information. Mr. Johnson connects with us teens inoffensively and honestly. His room, covered ceiling to floor in knickknacks and posters of Yoda and great thinkers, creates a safe haven for imagination and creativity. He expects no less than greatness from us and equally understands our limits. It has been a pleasure for me to have first period U.S. History with him and learning to respect America and its history in a way I never have before. Mr. Johnson has conveyed the devastating consequences of war and the power of knowledge, teaching us that, in the wise words of Yoda, “Weapons do not win battles. Your mind, powerful it is.” Thank you Mr. Johnson for all you do.

– Bekah Denny

I appreciate Ms. Jorgensen because she always wants her students to do well. She is available to talk to and ask questions. Ms. J is fun and encourages her students to be creative and independent thinkers.

– Maddie Baker

Ms. Kingman is a superhero; I don’t know how she does it. She has so much on her plate and still finds time to give 110% to everything she does. She stays calm and understanding even when she is frustrated and gives every student the attention he/she deserves. I know that I’m going to get a great score on the AP exam because Ms. Kingman has been preparing us since day one and never gave up on me. Thank you, Ms. Kingman, for everything you do and more!

– Emerald Green

Throughout the year Ms. Lea has showed how much she cares about her students in her class. Her style of teaching fits us all since she has an interactive way to learn each of her units. She is overall a really sweet person and patient when you don’t grasp a topic. Ms. Lea is loved by so many of her students, and you see that by how many of them come and visit periodically throughout the year. Thank you, Ms. Lea!

– Rayne Hayes

I appreciate Mrs. Martin because she always brings such energy to the classroom, and I have loved having her for the past two years for English. I love talking to her since I feel like we can talk about anything or the most random stuff, but she is always so understanding. I’m going to miss her next year, but I am thankful for the time spent since tenth grade.

– Lexi Lane

I am so lucky to have Ms. Moss as my AP Lang teacher this year. She is always available in the mornings or through Remind 101 to help students out. I cannot wait to be her student aide next year because we are very like minded and enjoy the same things including English, and the T.V. shows “Friends” and “Grey’s Anatomy.” I’ve grown so much in my writing skills and time management from your class. Thank you so much Ms. Moss for an awesome English class this year.

– Saveria Farino

Ms. Piza is one of the most influential teachers at Coronado. Being a foreign language teacher, the job is a huge undertaking for students who get confused. It’s completely foreign to us, and she is very kind and willing to help her students succeed. When a quiz is coming, she assigns and goes over homework the night before to prepare us for the quiz. She is willing and has helped on many occasions after school. One of the best traits about Ms. Piza is her willingness to provide extra help and assistance to her students. She assigns meaningful assignments and genuinely cares about the success and learning of the language rather than just grades. After school in her class doesn’t feel like a chore, and in general it is fun and very beneficial. Overall, she is one of the best teachers I’ve had in my career, and I’m happy to say that she is appreciated.

– Kyle Musler

I appreciate Mr. Poleski, the best AP Human Geography teacher in Nevada. I really appreciate his lectures and the time that he puts into them, and they are making it easy to prepare for the AP exam. Mr. Poleski always is friendly and open to talk, and he actually cares about his students.

– Joshua Christensen

I appreciate Mrs. Thompson because she is a dedicated, caring teacher whose cheerful attitude uplifts everyone in the room. She is kind, patient, and works hard to upkeep the website and yearbook. Thank you for being understanding towards your students and making journalism educational and exciting!

– Rosa Cesareo