Actors audition at casting callback


By Ainsley Davis

During the audition on Thursday, Aug. 31, theater students perform a cold read to show off their skills. Photo by Ainsley Davis

After the initial audition for the fall play, “Little Women,” the theater department invited students back for the final casting on August 31. Auditionees did a cold read of the script, acting in short scenes as Ms. Burrows watched and determined who should play each role. She gave them feedback and pointers as they took on the personas of the main characters

“The audition process was much more difficult than ones I’ve done in the past. It was very involved, and we got a lot of feedback,” Evan Berret, 12, said.

Originally a book, the play is set during the civil war and centers around four sisters named Jo, Amy, Meg and Beth, and deals with sibling relationships and the importance of family. The production has a mostly female cast and a group of characters with contrasting personalities.

“I know there’s a tomboyish role in this show, and I’d love to have a chance to play that character, since I would relate to her the most. Jo is loud, boyish, speaks her mind, and always does the right thing in the end,” Abby Truman, 11, said.

Rehearsals for the play, which runs Oct. 12-17, start next week. Tickets will be sold as the opening draws closer.

“The actors work super hard to put on the play, and it is really fun to come watch. We always appreciate the support of the student body,” Katie Lancaster, 12, said.