Ms. Church receives a final farewell


By Lexi Lane

Smiling on her last day before retirement, Ms. Church finishes her final paperwork. Photo by Lexi Lane

Since Coronado opened its doors in 2001, Ms. Church has been right there with it. For the next few days, she will remain the secretary for Mr. Piccinnini, but after that, Cougars will be forced to say goodbye to someone who means so much more to all of her coworkers.

When asked his favorite thing about Ms. Church, Mr Piccinnini said that, “it’s the way she treats people.” Even though Mr. Piccinini probably spends the most time with her as she books his appointments and directs substitute teachers to their designated classrooms, the impact of Ms. Church’s  personality is felt by everyone.

“She is the kindest person I have ever met and most supportive friend ever,” said government teacher Mrs. McGuan. “Anything you need: she knows how to find it and how to get it. Whatever you need, she is the go-to person.”

Coronado administration held a goodbye banquet for Ms. Church after school on Monday in the cafeteria. All staff members were invited to honor and support the retiree and many showed up.

“It took me by 100% complete surprise,” Church said.. “I’m completely humbled grateful and blessed.”

After nearly two decades spent at Coronado, when retirement comes, Ms. Church says she “want(s) to volunteer. I have about 20 places [to volunteer at] give or take. I want to pursue some of my hobbies and spend time with my family.”

Giving her friend a piece of advice for retirement, Mrs. McGuan recommends that she “just sit back, put her feet up, read a book, and just enjoy herself.”

Out of all her years and memories at Coronado, Miss Church said her favorite would have to be, “the people, really everyone. It’s a whole community: the students, the staff, the parents, the community, the people; it’s all of us together.”