Drama club holds annual murder mystery party


By Lorin Enns

In costume and in character, members of the Drama club participate in the annual Murder Mystery party. Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Berry

The Drama Club hosted their annual Murder Mystery party on Saturday, Nov. 10 at the home of Drama Club historian Brianna Lancaster. The event, planned annually with a new theme and new characters, is an opportunity for club members and thespians to increase their skills of staying in character and bond with other members.

“Murder Mystery is a party hosted by Drama Club every year where people are assigned characters that they must portray throughout the night as everyone attempts to solve a murder,” Taylor Bacco, Drama Club cabinet member, said. “We do Murder Mystery so the club can bond, and everyone can step out of their comfort zones, as well as to help raise money for more club events in the future.”

This year’s theme, 80’s prom, set the stage for an investigation to discover who was murdered and who did the killing. All participants were to remain in character all night, each being interrogated as a possible suspect or accomplice in the murder.

“I think that the theme was really unique,” Rachel Smith, junior, said. “It gave us a lot of room to create our own characters and really get the feel of the murder mystery.”

Drama Club advisors plan each year’s murder mystery party weeks in advance, taking time to create their story, assign characters, specify a time and location, and plan the schedule for the evening’s events. Following planning, drama club cabinet members announce the party and price of admission during their weekly club meeting. This year’s party, with more than 20 participants, raised over $200 for the club fund.

“The best part was crowning the prom king and queen because people got to vote for the winners,” Ava Nobert, Drama Club president, said. “I think it was a really great turnout.”

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