Five study apps end midterm finals frenzy


By Roby Tan

Answering a test on her phone, junior Ashley Harlan uses Quizlet to review her English vocabulary terms. Photo by Roby Tan

Midterms are coming up: students can be found pulling all-nighters, rushing back and forth for coffee refills and burying their faces in loads of schoolwork. This scenario may sound familiar to most students looking for the answer to their struggles of cramming an entire semester into a few days of review.

According to the American Psychological Association in their Stress in America Survey, 30 percent of teens reported feeling sad or depressed because of stress and 31 percent feel overwhelmed. In most cases, teenagers are believed to be more stressed than adults nowadays due to anxiety and overloaded schoolwork.

When everything else fails, educational apps can be a student’s best study buddy. Most apps are accessible, convenient and cater specifically to different subjects such as foreign languages, mathematics and reminders for the day.

Remind is a specially made text-messaging app for teachers, students and parents. It notifies the group with upcoming events, homework or due dates. The app allows group members to communicate easily and one-on-one conversations are kept private for personal questions and clarifications.

“I use Remind to stay updated with club announcements,” junior Isabella Bonilla said. “I am always notified and it helps me keep posted with upcoming meetings or any reminders.”

Quizlet is a flashcard creator which aids in memorization for English vocabulary, Spanish conjugations, and so much more. It offers flashcards, games and tests for users to fully memorize terms on the go, saving the hassle of carrying multiple sets of index cards everywhere.

“Quizlet has saved my English and Spanish grades and is great for memorizing foreign languages,” junior Jules Vetter said. “I usually look over the flashcards I made during my free time, and it’s convenient because it’s all in my phone.”

SpanishDict is every Spanish student’s best friend considering its special features such as Dictionary, Translator, Verb Conjugations and custom vocabulary quizzes. Other apps such as Duolingo, Memrise and Babbel are reliable foreign language apps for starters as well.

“Spanish Dictionary is the most important app for me because it offers lessons on how to conjugate and give deeper meanings within the words,” junior Ashley Harlan said. “It is also a great tool for learning vocabulary and comprehending Spanish better.”

Photomath specializes in mathematics and is used for reviewing and checking answers after solving. Just by taking a photo, it can read printed math problems, giving a step-by-step solution for each answer. It boosts students’ confidence in math knowing that they could check their homework answers and correct themselves, learning from their mistakes.

“Photomath is the reason I passed Algebra II,” sophomore Lorena Effio said. “Just with a quick photo, it solves math problems and I get to check my homework answers, correct myself and understand the topics better because it explains each step clearly.”

Sparknotes is a literature study guide application which consists of chapter summaries, chapter quizzes, and even a test prep section to prepare students for English literature essays or tests. It guides students who have trouble understanding the chapters and explains each event in detail with chapter analysis sections.

“I use Sparknotes when I don’t understand what I’m reading,” junior Arrion Spencer said. “Sparknotes gives a detailed explanation of the chapter summaries, and I become more interested in the book.”

These are only few of the vast choices of study applications for reminders, memorization, foreign languages, mathematics and literature purposes. Utilize these school applications to get through midterms and reduce stress levels with the help of daily reminders and homework assistance.

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Roby Aliyah Tan is a junior and a first-year reporter. She believes in the saying, “Trust the process.” It may be overwhelming during the first year but with a pinch of patience and optimism, she believes this year will end on a great note. She has a passion for traveling, has had her share of seeing some of the world’s wonders and wishes to pursue her dream to travel the world and be more exposed to different cultures.