What did you do on the snow day, and was it worth it to have to go to school on Monday?


“I slept in and did homework that I didn’t do the night before. I think picking a Friday we had off of school instead of the day after Spring Break would be easier.” Emilia Dang, 9

“On the snow day, I went to the park and made a snowman with my friends. It was totally worth it because the snow day was so much fun.” Parker Martin, 10

“I slept in and just relaxed on the day we got off. I didn’t see a point in having the Monday after Spring Break off, so I’m fine to have to go to school.” Ella Reid, 11

“I was giving my clients haircuts on the day off. It was just another day of business for me, so yeah it was worth it,” Kealan O’Toole, 12