Cougars create change


By Neesa Vang

Donate!/ Showing off one of the donated items, freshman Vanessa Trelles hangs out in the social workers’ office. Students can donate old Coronado gear to room 823. Photo by Neesa Vang

Students can give back to others at school by donating fresh unwanted food, drinks and good conditioned spirit wear. Food can be donated to the share table located at the front of the cafeteria while spirit wear can be donated in the social workers’ office, room 823.

Cougar Crunch is a food donation started by senior Shakara Quapaw. Last year, after noticing that students had wasted a lot of food during lunchtime, she didn’t want perfectly good food go to waste. She began her journey on finding a solution to that problem and ended up having a food share table during both lunches.

“On a day I forgot my lunch, I grabbed a fruit cup from the share table after one of my upperclassmen friends told me about it,” freshman Linh Vang said. “It was cool that our school has this opportunity available for us students especially on days when we forget lunch.”

Junior Sophie Chura started a cougar clothes donation called Spirit Swap. During Chura’s sophomore year she noticed many students and staff members wearing cougar gear around the school, but also noticed a great number of students who didn’t own any Coronado gear. She came up with an idea to help multiple parties. Students and staff that have older gear that they don’t wear anymore, can now donate it. Those donations will be open for current students. 

“I didn’t know that Coronado has Spirit Swap,” sophomore Natalie Lozano said. “Now that I know our school has this, I will definitely have to stop since it’s free and I don’t own any cougar clothing yet.”

Anybody can be apart of these beneficial establishments. If students have unwanted and unopened snacks or drinks that are not wanted can be put on the share table. The table is located near the front of the cafeteria. They are there for students, teachers and staff. With the Spirit Swap, teachers, students and staff can donate and pick up spirit clothing at the social workers’ office, room 823. Anyone can donate any type of Cougar garments from shirts to hoodies to hats. After donating, the clothing and accessories are looked through to make sure it’s in good condition. Then, they will be washed, dried and sorted by size, for students to acquire.

“Not only is this the Cougar Crunch available for lunch, but many times students that do extracurriculars after school has asked if they could take the rest of the snacks we have left for their clubs,” social worker Ms. Rebecca said. “The food doesn’t go to waste and it’s great for students.”

Cougar Crunch helps the environment, waste control and people in need of a snack. With the Spirit Swap, last year Chura handed out around 130 cougar shirts and hopes to double it this 2019-2020 school year and continue to spread more school spirit. 

“Spirit Swap is essential to keep the Coronado community vibrant,” english teacher Mr.Woods said. “It’s something I take advantage of every year.”