Final senior days informational

Almost done!// Seniors are getting ready to finish their last two weeks of high school at Coronado. By honoring all their hard work and the fun times they have shared between friends, the school has dedicated a week specifically for seniors to engage in exciting activities. (Photo courtesy of istock images).

by Jordyn Tribus 

It’s time for the annual senior dedicated week, Monday – Friday (May 8-12). Every year the student council puts on a spirit week and plans activities for the seniors to enjoy their final days of high school. In addition to this week, the seniors will partake in exclusive events; like grad walk, senior awards night, and of course graduation. There are many senior events planned for the class of 2023, and it is important to stay up to date, so here is what is going on. 

Monday, May 8 

Senior breakfast will take place at 6 am to 7 am just outside the cafeteria. Seniors will be congregating with refreshments of coffee, bagels, and much more. To coordinate with the activity, the theme for this day is PJ day. 

Tuesday, May 9

Looking towards the future, the seniors are encouraged to wear their college shirts. The corresponding activity is Senior Field Day, which will be held on the Coronado soccer field at 2-4 pm. The senior class stuco has also partnered with Chicklila to support the senior activities. This spirit night event will start after the field day and end at 8pm. 

Wednesday, May 10: 

Class of 2023 is obligated to wear their class shirts on this school day. The correlating activity is an activity opposite to a previous senior extravaganza, senior sunset. On the football field, senior class students are asked to gather, relax, and watch the sunset from 6-9:30pm. Along with the sunset, High School Musical 3 will be played on a blowup screen for all the seniors to enjoy.  

Thursday, May 11: 

Celebrating seniors on this day is a senior citizen theme. The class of 2023 is requested to dress in their best senior citizen attire. Likewise, they are encouraged to attend the senior BINGO night transpiring in the cafeteria from 1:30-3:30pm. 

Friday, May 12: 

Ending the week off strong, is the Senior Trip to Universal. This trip has already been applied for by a limited number of senior students and will depart for their adventure in the morning. For those who will be at school, the senior activity is a BYOB sunday party during lunch. 

Tuesday, May 16: 

Recognizing Coronado’s outstanding senior students, is expressed by the Senior awards night. This invite only event is designed to recognise the hard work and dedication of our students. Students are required to arrive in the gymnasium by 5:20pm, but the function does not begin until 6pm. 

Wednesday, May 17: 

A graduation walk though will be held in the gym at 10am. After the graduation rehearsal (solely for the students at 7am), the graduates, in their gowns, will walk the halls. Parents and friends are encouraged to come take pictures of their seniors and cheer them on as they begin their next step in life. 

Wednesday, May 24: 

Graduation day! Thomas and Mack will once again host Coronado’s graduating students. The commencement ceremony will take initiation at 6pm and consist of a poem reading, many speeches, diploma handouts, and much more.