FMP blood drive is back


By Abbey Bowles 

Scanning in/ In the hallway, a student signs up for the upcoming Blood Drive on Wednesday, Feb. 12. The event is hosted by Future Medical Professionals (FMP) in the auxiliary gym. Photo by Abbey Bowles

The Future Medical Professionals (FMP) Club will hold a blood drive during periods one through five located in the auxiliary gym on Wednesday, Feb. 12. Blood donations are accepted from students and guardians who are 17 years or older. Those interested can sign up by scanning one of the barcodes on the blood drive posters located around school.

“The blood drives at school are very beneficial for both students and the people receiving it,” junior Sofia Alverez said. “It gives us a chance to give back to the community when donating blood, and you are saving at least three lives when giving a print of blood.” 

Each student willing to donate are asked to confirm their height and weight. If students meet the following requirements, they are eligible to donate. Students who plan to donate and are under 18 are required to have a permission slip with a parent signature and sign-up online. The College and Career Center in the library has the required permission slips. 

“Donating blood is not only good for others, but also for yourself,” junior Tayla Herndon said. “Giving blood will help so many people who need it to survive. You should give blood to help you and the others around you.”

Students will also be excused from their classes after their donation has been confirmed. In the auxiliary gym, workers from the United Blood Drive will run the drive. The members will collect permission slips at the entrance. There will be snacks and drinks provided.

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