Caffeine competition: Energy drink vs. coffee

What to Choose?/ Many students don’t know what caffeinated drink works best for them. Both energy drinks and coffee will wake up tired teenagers with zeal. (Photo by Alysa Arias)

Energy drink

By Madison Kitch

High school is a busy time for most teenagers. Between schoolwork, a social life, a job and maybe even a significant other, many adolescents skip out on one of the most important things–sleep. Teens tend to drink caffeine-fueled beverages, but some wrongly support coffee over energy drinks. Overall, energy drinks have more benefits and better results when matched with coffee.

Both coffee and energy drinks can have high amounts of caffeine, but one tends to be significantly higher in energy-inducing content. Monster Energy reports having only 80 milligrams of caffeine per serving; there are two eight-ounce servings in one standard can of Monster, so watch how much you drink. However, that’s still way less than the average amount of caffeine in an average cup of joe. Experts say that a regular cup of coffee can have up to a whopping 200 milligrams of caffeine (most fall between 95-200 mg). That is way more caffeine than literally anyone needs.

And let’s not forget about everyone’s favorite international coffeeshop. Starbucks often gets made fun of for their sugary drinks or burnt coffee, but some of these drinks go up in caffeine content. Their Blonde Roast may turn out over-done for coffee drinkers because it contains up to 475 milligrams of caffeine(depending on the size bought). That’s almost six times as much caffeine in one serving of Monster Energy. Do yourself a favor and drink 5 Monsters a week; it’ll still be less than one Blonde Roast.

If you needed another reason to go with an energy drink, look no further than your beautiful smile. Natural coffee contains tannins, which are a type of polyphenol that breaks down in water, and can also cause discoloration. Tannins attract discoloration, which gives teeth even more of a yellow hue. This is unwanted for many and seen as unhygienic or unattractive. Even the most intense toothbrushers can’t get out of this one. Using a whitening toothpaste can help, but you’re better off with a can of Redbull.

Coffee also has a barrage of unwelcome side effects. Most coffee has these unsavory side effects, including long-term insomnia, nausea, and an irregular heartbeat. Plus, coffee has only one main flavor; there can be other manmade flavors infused with the natural bean, but it’s usually hard to taste those. Energy drinks offer a wider range of flavors that are actually discernible from each other.

Caffeine isn’t good in any great amount, and if you can get a full night’s sleep, just do that. With that in mind, energy drinks are better than coffee in terms of long-term health effects and caffeine content. However, if you really want to give yourself a heart attack at 18, just go with the joe.











By Riley Cable

Whether it’s late nights studying or the countless hours spent scrolling on the internet, people are left with one thought for the morning ahead of them– how to get their caffeine. Everyone has their preference of what they like:  coffee, tea, caffeinated soda or energy drinks, but only one of them is the right choice. Starting your day off with coffee just makes sense. It’s perfect for anyone, and it’s the most versatile option. There really is no denying coffee’s superiority. 

Coffee truly is better for you. All speculation aside, coffee actually has some amazing health benefits that can be appreciated by all. With the right amount, and right kind of roast, there is an endless list of good things that come with it. Packed with antioxidants, coffee can possibly help you live longer, fight off diseases and help your body process sugar better. While you’re getting that morning pick up, you’re also helping yourself in the long run. 

There are also endless ways to enjoy coffee, and with new coffee shops popping up all over the place, it’s always an adventure to try something new. Places like Dutch Bros offer an array of sweeter coffee drinks for those who prefer a less bitter alternative while Starbucks is also a classic place for anyone. Mixing up your coffee order adds some excitement into the day and can keep you from boredom. With all the new fun coffee drinks to try, it’s the perfect way to ease yourself into drinking coffee, so you can hopefully enjoy it the healthiest way– black coffee. 

Whether you enjoy your coffee hot or cold, there is a universal agreement that there is just something special about that first sip. First thing in the morning, when everything seems to be going crazy, it’s easy to let all the problems go when you sit down with that first cup. Though its main purpose is to wake you up, there is just something relaxing and therapeutic about coffee, whereas an energy drink just screams craziness. Taking the time to either prepare your coffee at home or go out to get your coffee gives a minute of sanity in the morning, and it allows you to do something for yourself before the day completely passes you by. 

If all the good about coffee isn’t enough for you to make the switch, just remember all the horrible parts of energy drinks. Rather than just giving you an appropriate and healthy amount of caffeine, energy drinks are overpacked. The large quantities of caffeine in one small can could increase your blood pressure and even cause heart problems. Furthermore, energy drinks are either completely full of sugar or are loaded with many chemicals, so it can be labeled “sugar-free.” There really isn’t a healthier option when it comes to energy drinks, and you’re left to put the most unknown substances in your body.  

Remember, when you’re in need of that extra boost, skip the energy drinks. With coffee, you’re ensured of the ingredients, and you just know it’ll taste better. Drinking coffee is so much more than just that– it is a social experience and can add fun to anyone’s day. When you’re in desperate need of something fun to do, go try all the cool and quirky shops the city has to offer. It’s so much more fun venturing to a new coffee shop than picking up a can of Monster at the gas station.