Crystals create dream realities


By Maya Fankulewski 

Times to manifest// Many different types of crystals can be used to manifest any goal or desire. Not only are they nice-looking room decor, but these stones also attract positivity and high spirits into one’s life. (Photo by Maya Fankulewski)

Crystals, manifestation, tarot cards and all other types of spiritual items have risen in popularity. While many believe that crystals are just cute little rocks that serve as room decor, there is meaning behind each one. There are so many stones to choose from, such as carnelian, amethyst, sunstone, rose quartz, citrine, etc. It is crucial to acknowledge the meaning for each crystal instead of just picking out which one is the prettiest. These are a few popular and essential crystals for attracting positive energy and well-being. 

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is one of the most popular types of crystals to purchase. This rock is extremely easy to find in a crystal shop as it ranges in all different shapes and sizes. Rose quartz is a stone of unconditional love, and it emits calmness and attracts love. It’s known to be a healing crystal, and many teens buy it to attract healthy relationships, whether they are friendly or romantic. Rose quartz is one of the January birthstones, along with garnet, meaning it would work very well for someone with a Capricorn zodiac sign. 

“Rose Quartz is my favorite crystal,” senior Emily Fankulewski said. “It helps bring positivity and good friendships into my life.”


Another popular crystal that went viral on different social media platforms is carnelian. Carnelian is known for attracting healthy relationships while releasing one’s fears. During the Middle-Ages it was common to boil Carnelian, as it was believed it would release the energy of other gemstones. This amber colored gem promotes courage and drives ambition and motivation. It’s a good idea to have this crystal around during a class presentation, as it improves confidence and memory. Many social media influencers have been purchasing carnelian necklaces to attract high vibrations and positive energies. 

Sun Stone

Sun stones are beautiful, alluring gemstones that are popular for attracting joy and positivity. Like its name, the sun stone will attract light and energy, as it is believed to take away dark and negative thoughts. When having a gloomy or stressful day, carrying a sun stone may assist in restoring positive energies. It is thought to be that those with a Pisces, Leo, or Libra zodiac sign will benefit the most from carrying a sun stone.  


Popularly known for its emotional and spiritual protection, amethyst is an amazing crystal to have for heightening conciseness. This crystal was first worn by the ancient Greeks, and continues to be used in various types of jewelry. This stunning crystal comes in all different shades of violet, and numerous shapes. It’s the traditional birthstone for February, so it is the perfect crystal for those who have an Aquarius zodiac sign.

“Amethyst is the first crystal I got,” senior Dhanvi Yuvaraj said. “It brings a lot of peace and calmness to my room, and I like having it near me while I do homework.”


Citrine is a popular, clear light yellow quartz crystal that is known for attracting abundance and self-esteem. This lemon-looking rock protects its caretaker from negative energies, while also promoting manifestations in wealth and prosperity. Citrine is a November birthstone, an excellent pick for a person with a Scorpio zodiac sign. 

While they are pretty to look at, it’s crucial to acknowledge the meaning behind each crystal before purchasing them. Healing crystals are a part of many different cultures, so it is important to stay respectful when learning about these stones. Remember that crystals can be used to manifest anything: abundance of money, happiness, or maybe even an A in math.

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Maya Fankulewski, junior, is a second year writer for “The Roar.” She enjoys writing features and opinion pieces. In her free time, she hangs out with her friends, practices the piano and volunteers in the community. In addition, Maya enjoys traveling and trying new things. She hopes to pursue a career that involves journalism.