Scholarship workshops all week


By Valerie Perez

New opportunities// During third period, Mrs. Tidball hosted a scholarship workshop on Friday, Jan. 7 to describe opportunities that students can participate in. Many were able to ask questions and learn more about the best options to apply for. (Photo by Valerie Perez)

Scholarship workshops will be held all month long in the College & Career Center (located within the library) with the help of Mrs.Tidball. As scholarship deadlines approach, students will be able to ask questions and communicate with others for help during first through fourth period. Students can sign-up for the Remind app and join Ms. Tidballs’ class to be notified when a workshop will be available throughout the day. 

“Attending the workshops is very helpful because they give insight about the application process that you might not have known already,” senior Arianna Falchi said. “On top of that, workshops help you learn how the make the best application possible.”

At the workshops, students gather to discuss their thoughts and concerns on scholarships they are applying to. Many are encouraged to apply to the scholarships Coronado offers, which are only available to current students before they close on Jan. 31. Not only can students apply for their Coronado scholarships, but there are many others that are open to a wide variety of students.

“I attended some of the workshops that Ms. Tidball was holding and it was beneficial in teaching me which scholarships I should apply for,” senior Daphne Morais said. “I was able to look at scholarships other students were applying for and find more opportunities to consider.”

Many can apply on The Public Education Foundation website where the organization partnered with the community and Clark County to bring together scholarships available in different categories. Of the many scholarships that are posted, winners can receive from 300 to 5,000 dollars for submitting responses to their prompt. Some require simple information, and some require an essay that responds to their question, only available in Nevada.

Students received various emails from their counselors that contain a list of local scholarships that students from all grades can apply to. Some of which include, Coronado High School Counselors’ Scholarship, Coronado High School Career Technical Education Scholarship, and Coronado High School Vegas Strong Scholarship. Of the many scholarships that are posted, students can find an array of options to apply to that do not require an essay or long response. 

“Being surrounded by teachers and students who can help and discuss the application process is encouraging,¨ senior Ryan Weingarten said. “Applying to different scholarships allows one to have a better chance of being chosen and earning more opportunities.”

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Valerie Perez is a junior and has been on “The Roar” staff for three years and counting. Lately, Valerie has been addicted to sleeping in and listening to music by her favorite artists Cuco and Bad Bunny. She loves to go out and spend time with friends but loves to be by herself just as much. Valerie is very dedicated to school and getting good grades, yet she always finds time to be easily distracted and procrastinate.