First Friday brings fun


By Abbey Huffer

First Friday art// At the First Friday festival, there were many beautiful pieces of jewelry and art being sold for reasonable prices. Support your local artists by purchasing their creations. (Photo by Abbey Huffer)

The First Friday festival was held Friday, Feb. 5 at the arts district in Las Vegas, Nevada. First Friday contains lots of local art, music, and food for anyone and everyone to enjoy. It’s a great place to immerse yourself in new creative surroundings. Experiencing the festival along with friends and conversing with a few of many local artists creates a night to remember. While walking around the art district, there are many local artists willing to open up about their stories.

One of the local artists, Martha Olden, 37 (IG @godddess_crystals_) describes her upbringing and connection to art.

“I got into art because after I bought a crystal from someone, I wanted to know the meaning of it,” Olden said. “I got into crystals while trying to understand the positive vibes and energy it can bring you.”

Wondering how accomplishing it might be to sell your own art, Martha talks about how she feels about her small business.

“It feels good,” Olden said. “I’ve had a few people that walked up today that were wearing my pieces from months ago. It feels good knowing I’m sending positive vibes and energy to other people.”

Olden continues by talking about the ways she creates her jewelry.

“In the beginning, I would freestyle and look up tutorials on youtube,” Olden said. “I currently like to copper wrap crystals by using tools and a drill machine.”

Along with Olden, Aura Sofia, 20 (IG @earth2aura) talks about her connection to creating jewelry. 

“Art’s always been in my family,” Sofia said. “When I was little, my mom and I just sat around and made jewelry while watching tv.”

As well as many other artists, Sofia finds happiness in selling her art.

“It feels cool knowing that people are walking around wearing my stuff,” Sofia said. “It feels special, and I feel appreciated as if I’m connecting with the people.”

To support your local artists, stay updated on First Friday’s Instagram (IG @firstfridaylv) for when the next festival will be. Enjoy the music, food, and maybe treat yourself to a few pieces of jewelry or art.

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