The best Batman portrayal


By James Williams

Over 80 years of stories have made Batman one of the most enduring characters in pop culture history. Several actors have taken the role of Batman, and all of them have added their own flair to the character. However, there are a few actors who have fit the role more iconically and shown viewers the best live-action Batman.

“After watching the last one, I’ve gotta say Robert Pattinson is the best,” senior Zach Brusa said. “We saw a version of Batman and Bruce Wayne we have never seen before.”

Robert Pattinson takes on the character is the most recent version of Batman in the film, The Batman. After some initial questions about his performance, Pattinson put on a great show, as viewers saw a Batman movie based on a detective story for the first time. Pattinson also brings a smooth-talking charm and feels more comfortable in the suit rather than living as a billionaire playboy. Although Pattinson brings a great performance, it may be too soon to say he is the best Batman. Classic Batman characters are stronger contenders for the crown as they have stood the test of time.

“Micheal Keaton has always been the best Batman,” senior Andrew Roemer said. “His role is still iconic today.”

Michael Keaton was the first actor to portray Batman as a serious crime fighter in Batman and Batman Returns rather than a comedic version that we got with Adam West in Batman. While in the suit, Keaton brings some great action, and his Batman usually shows empathy for the villains that he goes up against. However, when he’s Bruce Wayne, he’s flawed, tired, and dark, while also maintaining positivity. Keaton’s Batman gives us one of his best-looking suits and the best bat-mobile that we have seen in live-action. His bat-mobile is the most appealing, while his suit gives a stealth black look with the iconic Batman logo. Keaton’s Batman was a start for future Batman actors to take the role with passion and grittiness.

“The best Batman in my opinion is Christian Bale,” senior Dominick Gomez said. “Bale really does give Batman and Bruce Wayne the character that we would all imagine.”

Christian Bale played Batman in the famous Christopher Nolan trilogy of Batman movies (Burton, Nolan, Reeves). While other Batmans take a different approach in their roles, Bale and Nolan search to find Batman’s true intentions and heroism that we see in the movies. We also see Batman’s most menacing voice with Bale dropping to a deep, aggressive octave. Batman’s intentions in these films are to be the savior that Gotham needs, whether he plays hero or needs to be the villain for a little bit. Overall, all of the actors who have played Batman have played the iconic role in their own respected ways. However, Christian Bale gives us the most iconic performance of the character. His Bruce Wayne and Batman make the most sense together with an iconic performance in three iconic movies.

No matter the actor, Batman has received great performances over the years by these great actors. Robert Pattinson gave us a first glimpse of what his Batman can do and fans are excited about what is to come for his character. Michael Keaton brought our first live-action look of the Dark Knight fighting off enemies in Gotham City. However, Christian Bale brings both impressive aspects, with Pattinson’s aggressive fighting style along with Keaton’s style of showing his enemies mercy (for the most part). Overall, all of the Batman actors have had great portrayals of the character, but Christian Bale gives the best performance. Watch the plethora of Batman movies and decide for yourself.