Starting to Hit Snooze

Start off right// Getting the right amount of sleep is critical to this new start time at Coronado and other schools in the district. Since the starting time is moved to 7am, students need to adjust their schedules. (Photo by Jordyn Tribus)

 by: Jordyn Tribus

Imagine waking up before the sun even comes up. Doggedly walking towards the light switch. Groggy and sleepy, you stumble towards the bathroom to brush your teeth and get ready, eyes barely open. Then pick yourself up to eat breakfast, but wait… you took too long to wake up and now you are going to be late. Zooming through traffic you hope that you are going to make it to school on time. This is what it is going to feel like every day, five days a week, for one hundred and eighty days. 

Now that the Clark County School District has moved up the Coronado High School start time, returning students and teachers are disoriented and for now, struggling to adjust. One struggle for teachers was dropping their children off at daycare or school at 7:30, before school started. But now, they have to reconstruct their entire schedule to fit around the new starting time. For students, it’s having to manage school work and other extracurriculars so that they are not going to bed at midnight finishing up “extra practice” and then waking up 4 hours later. (Not to beat a dead horse, but there is still the argument that growing teens need a minimum of 7 hours to properly function their best and be refreshed.)

Although it is understood that the time change had to happen for the school buses to make it to their destination on time, it still is hard for the sum 315,646 students and 14,395 teachers to rearrange their timelines. Most of these distinct citizens have previously been acclimated to the way things were before, whether they had older siblings go through the process or teachers who have previously been at the school for a certain amount of years. 

This adjustment would be equivalent to the Battle of Yorktown starting an hour earlier and the American colonists being so sleepy and disoriented that they lost the fight for independence instead of winning it. Then this essay would be written in Your Majesty’s the Queens’ English. Luckily for the colonists, it started later.

Although waking up for school is not as important as the fight for our country’s independence, it is still very hard to up and change a whole district’s schooling hours. When asking 41 students if they liked the new early start: 26 preferred it, 13 spurned it, and 2 did not particularly care. Of the people that preferred it, 16 of them were freshman. This can be influenced by the fact that they are blind to the stress and weight high school brings to students, requiring them to need more sleep. 

However, a way that I found to help prevent this situation is to plan out your outfit and do your hair the night before, that way you don’t have to waste time doing these things the morning you have to go to school. Nonetheless, I stand with my original accusation that I despise this early start.