Dream’s face reveal ends in a nightmare

The smile has not left // The man, the myth, the legend. Dream gives up the mask showing his true self to his fans. (Photo by Meilssa Duarte)

by Melissa Duarte

The mask is off. Content creator, Dream, has kept his face hidden from the internet for a little over three years. His career began to rise back in 2014 after posting a youtube video playing Minecraft with BadBoyHalo. He then began posting videos with GeorgeNotFound, Sapnap, and many more gamers doing challenges and streams. Dream now has gained a following of 30 million subscribers. The anonymous gamer decided to give the people what they want on October 2nd by revealing his face. His fans reacted by spewing hate to Dream for not being more ‘attractive’.

“People are so quick to jump on the bandwagon and hate on someone for something they have no control over,” senior Paola Solaegui said. “Everyone is so quick to attack without knowing what they’re attacking someone for. I definitely think the media blew it out of proportion. However, some tweets, actions, and audios of him being disrespectful have resurfaced, so, although I don’t support that behavior I wouldn’t say I support everyone continuously hating on Dream for not meeting beauty standards either and using his past as justification. We shouldn’t allow ourselves to be something we despise to people we feel deserve it.”

People found justifications for their negative actions. People started posting on social media platforms such as; Tiktok, Instagram, and Twitter to make fun of his looks. Whenever people from a neutral standpoint were asked why this hate was necessary, the only justification that was given by people was the things said from Dream’s not-so-dreamy past. 

“I think with the level of fame he accrued there was destined to be backlashes no matter what,” senior Jun Kim said. “Not everyone would be satisfied and I think it was pretty courageous of him to put his face out there.”

Dream took a big step in his career, and although everything hasn’t been pure bliss his true fans have been sticking up for him. Fighting against the hate, fans remind other people to understand that Dream has feelings as well. Dream fans have been making it known that we need to remember that Dream is human, not just someone we watch online.