Twilight: from sparkling to not

Skin of a killer Bella! // Glimmering in the sunlight, Edward Cullen and Bella Swan look each other in the eyes after telling her that he really is a vampire. (Photo by Talia Medina)

by Talia Medina 

The Twilight Saga is one of the most well-known teenage romance novels and films. The first book, titled Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer was released on October 5th, 2005 and the first film adaptation was released on November 21st, 2008. The rest is history; each novel after that would receive a film adaptation, and to this day many fans still binge the film series, which begs the question: which movie is the most “sparkling” out of the Twilight saga? Many fans 

5. Breaking Dawn Part 2

The least “sparkling” Twilight film has to be Breaking Dawn Part 2. This film is best known for its horrifying computer-generated imagery of Bella and Edward’s daughter, Renesme. The film also had a lot of gruesome scenes of Bella dying because of her daughter. Many fans found those scenes disturbing to watch because they were actually graphic at times. The weirdest thing about the film is that Jacob “imprints” on Renesme, which means that he implied he has a crush on her and he wants to be the one to marry her once she’s old enough which is incredibly strange considering Jacob is supposed to be a young adult and Renesme is just a child. Overall the film itself is a bit boring at times, and there are so many things wrong with it that it’s hard to sit through and watch it completely. 

4. Breaking Dawn Part 1

Breaking Dawn Part 1 is higher than part 2 because it is slightly more entertaining. The movie mostly focused on Bella and Edward, which got boring at times, but then the news came that Bella was going to have a baby, and that sparked interest back up. We get to see how Bella has to deal with potentially being pregnant by a vampire and it’s a bit terrifying at times since nobody knows what could happen to Bella, especially because there’s a scene where Bella is trying to pick something up and her back completely snaps. Overall, this film is very boring at times, but it gets much more interesting near the climax and end of the movie. 

3. Twilight: New Moon 

Twilight: New Moon is ranked number 3. It’s not nearly as bad as the previous films, but codependency and toxic behavior are very much prevalent. This film takes place right after Bella wakes up from a coma and Edward decides to leave town completely. Bella’s character is a bit boring until she is reunited with Jacob, and we can see more of their friendship spark back up. However, Jacob acts creepy at times, and Bella is worried that she might not ever hear from Edward or other members of his family as well. The plot isn’t the best, but there were a lot of cool scenes like when Victoria is chased, and you can tell there was a lot of production effort put into this film as well. 

2. Twilight Eclipse

Number two is Twilight: Eclipse. It was nice to see that the saga came back with a great third movie. A lot of the side characters in the movie were much more tolerable, and it was delightful to see them have some character development as well. The only issue with this movie, I would say, is that it was during the peak of the “Edward vs Jacob” fight, and watching the scenes of them just arguing with each other for no reason got repetitive and annoying to watch. With that said this film deserves to be number two because of how the filmmakers decided to give several characters some character development and was a film you could watch without being annoyed by several parts. 

1. Twilight 

While it may be cliche, the most “sparkling” Twilight film of the saga is the very first one. The film itself is incredibly iconic because of several scenes: when the family plays baseball and the song “Supermassive Black Hole” by the group Muse. Then, there’s another scene where Bella passes a fan and Edward looks like he wants to throw up. This scene sticks with fans because of how random the reaction is and how Bella’s actor reacts after she sits down right by him. Another thing is that the film is most well-known for the blue-ish green tint that is on the camera which helps give it that slightly edgier vibe. I find this to be the most intriguing film because of how unique the aesthetic of it was, and how it was an overall great way to transfer the book to a film adaptation. 

Even though people’s opinions will vary on the subject of the best Twilight movie, it’s good to remember that the story itself was fun and exciting for fans to witness in the theater. The Twilight franchise will forever be “sparkling” as the years go by.

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