A blessing in disguise

Scale // Changing as the week goes on is the Las Vegas weather, starting from the 80s going to the 90s then back to the 80s then back to the 90s. Don’t prepare outfits the night before, but in the morning just to get a good idea of how the day is going to start. (Photo by Melissa Duarte).

by Melissa Duarte

Las Vegas Weather has constantly been criticized. Clark County residents are upset that the temperature can be so unpredictable, they can’t even pick out their morning outfits. In the span of a week, there has been weather ranging from thunderstorms to “wind”-erstorms to “sun”-derstorms. Despite mother nature’s indecisiveness, there are some benefits to such a variety of weather in a day.   

There are moments during summer break when the heat melts your skin that all you can wish for is a nice breeze to appreciate the cold. On the other hand, there are moments in the winter when all you want to experience is the warmth of the sun. For the last I don’t know how many months – but it’s been several- Las Vegas has been able to experience all four types of seasons in just one day.

The day starts out with a sunrise, but it’s not shining at maximum capacity just yet. The morning has a piercing chill. With a slight breeze, but nothing a simple hoodie or zip-up can’t fix. It stays that way up until the afternoon on the dot. The morning shows us the season of Spring.

Once you see the clock strike twelve, sweaters off and water bottles out. The heat wave that lasts a few hours is searing, summer is here. Clark County should express more gratitude toward the sun for being our own personal reminder to drink loads of water. 75% of people suffer from chronic dehydration so water consumption is essential here in dry hot weather.

Before you know it, the evening sets in, which shifts the day into autumn. The leaves are at their calmest. You can cozy up with a blanket and watch a movie. The sun is up, but the temperature is way way down; the era of peace and relaxation. 

To end the day, winter comes nipping at your nose. With the moon lighting up the sky, hoodies and sweatpants are needed -for some this is already an outfit staple. Look at that, all four seasons in a day. You don’t have to wait for the seasons to roll around when living in Las Vegas, you only have to wait a couple of hours. There couldn’t be anything better. 

Another learned skill from this indecisive weather allows for you to be prepared for the unexpected. With so many different types of seasons happening in a day, you are guaranteed to have no idea what to wear and will be changing outfits. The moral of this weather is that you can prepare for the weather to be unexpected. Pack sunscreen, water, zip-ups, hoodies, snacks, and allergy medications, you need to have it all.  

There is finally no need to worry about waiting for the seasons to come because Clark County is lucky enough to have it come all in one day.