The Adventure Begins: Baldur’s Gate 3



Roll to game// A laptop runs Baldur’s Gate 3 with a set of dice lying at the side, a homage to the game’s Dungeons & Dragons inspiration. While the video game took lore from the familiar tabletop RPG, it has its own storyline and world. (Photo by Brianna Gracia)

The Adventure Begins: Baldur’s Gate 3

by Brianna Gracia

Picture a game where you make up characters, roll dice to determine outcomes, and steal as many wheels of cheese as you please. Now imagine that, but on a computer, all wrapped up into a fantasy adventure. That is the experience Baldur’s Gate 3 brings to gamers old and new. 

The mastermind behind the game, Larian Studios, has been responsible for several other games, both in the Baldur’s Gate franchise and outside of it (those outside including Divinity and Dragon Age). This title, though, is the first to sweep the internet in a storm. 

The full game first came to Windows players in August after being in Early Access since 2020. Gamers on Macbook and PS5, though, had to wait until September 21. Since then, it has been praised for its open world exploration, storyline, and unique, multi-solution game mechanics, to name a few. 

For those who are all about characters and storyline, this game caters to their every whim and need. The game allows players to create their ideal adventurer (yes, characters can have pink hair.) One can choose from several classes: Barbarian, Ranger, Cleric, Ranger, Bard, and Druid. For players that prefer a darker route, there’s the Dark Urge character, who comes with a spooky, sinister twist. It’s a “choose your own adventure” but with bright visuals, a masterfully crafted soundtrack, and a surprising amount of emotional impact. It follows the same gaming mechanics and lore as Dungeons and Dragons, but the creators take their own creative liberties when it comes to writing and worldbuilding, like any natural DnD campaign. 

Another strength of the game is the character writing. In Baldur’s Gate 3, players are joined by a group of companions they can recruit. Some companions, such as the sweet cleric Shadowheart or the nerd-wizard Gale play support to fights and can aid in magical tactics. Others such as Karlach (the barbarian), Lae’zel (the fighter), and Astarion (the rogue) are for fans of battle and strength. The writing that went into these characters is profound, and each companion has their own personal quest and storyline. 

The key factor that takes home the cake for this game is the fact that each playthrough is different. Every run, there are various choices you can make, some that are exclusive to certain quests, characters, or classes. One choice can lead you to a whole other playthrough experience that is different from the next. No one will have the exact same game. Gamers on Steam forums, Reddit, Tumblr, and other social media platforms have flocked geeking out over their different characters, playthroughs, and choices. 

While the game may be considered pricey (yeesh, $60), with everything it comes with, the price is understandable. No ads, no expensive DLCs, and plenty of content – it’s a gamer’s paradise. Games of this caliber tend to go for even more, such as Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, which goes for $70. Just make sure computer qualifications match those on the game’s site. Certain devices will either be too old or not built to run the games’ graphics or code. 

With the holidays coming up, Baldur’s Gate 3 would make a great present. Cozying up by the fire with a new, action packed video game sounds like an ideal chilly night spent for any gamer. Get ready to roll, because Baldur’s Gate 3 is a title not to be missed.