Flag football making strides


By Jolie Ross

Photo by Rachel Bosse
Photo by Rachel Bosse

The ball is snapped. The quarterback is back in the pocket looking for a receiver down the line. The ball is thrown toward the end zone and is caught at the ten with the receiver’s flag pulled at the five. So, what’s the difference between this game and Coronado’s other football games? This is an all-girls flag football game. Last year, flag football was added by the Clark County School District to help equalize the ratio of mens to womens sports.

“I am so excited that it is an official sport. It is really competitive and lets us girls finally show what we are capable of,” McKayla Carter, senior, said.

The NIAA sport has become so popular that the county has added a JV team to allow more students to play.

“Having two teams is really fun because there’s more competition to do your best at practice. There’s more room to improve and more people that focus on improving together,” Keely Eshenbaugh, junior, said.

Having a JV team is not the only change to Coronado’s program. The coaching staff has changed as well. Last year Mr. Bohannan took the first shot at coaching flag football, but now Ms. Wilson is leading the way.

“Getting to know these kids and their different personalities is one of the reasons that I enjoy coaching,” Ms. Wilson said.

The teams practice every day for two hours. With teamwork and dedication these teams will hopefully fulfill victory.