Cougars defeat Gators


By Lauren Smith

Attempting another shot, Travis Boeman, senior, plays with the men's varsity
Attempting another shot, Travis Boman, senior, helps the men’s varsity team defeat Green Valley. (Photo by Bailey Valadez)

The men’s varsity basketball team defeated rival Green Valley High School 63-48 at home on Wednesday, Jan. 28.

Junior Jake Desjardins was the first to score for the Cougars early in the game for a 2-point lead.

Senior Matt Johnson scored a 3-pointer, assisted by senior Braden Van Alfen ending the first quarter 20-11, Coronado.

The second quarter began with a free throw for Coronado when sophomore Bryce Savoy made a personal foul.

Johnson scored another 3-pointer to make the score 24-15, Coronado.

“I feel we played really well today,” Anthony Carpino, senior, said.

After a layup by Van Alfen, four minutes into the second quarter, Green Valley called a 30 second time out.

Desjardins made another layup and rebounded the ball ending the first half of the game 35-24 with the Cougars still in the lead.

In the second half, Green Valley was first to take possession of the ball.

“I feel we could have done better defensively. We were too focused on scoring,” Carpino said.

Desjardins dunked, then junior Travis Boman scored two points, and senior Andrew Palma got another two with a layup.

With less than three minutes left in the third quarter, Johnson scored, following a score from Green Valley immediately after.

After a personal foul on senior Nick Kornieck, sophomore Trey Hurlburt put another two points on the board with a layup ending the third quarter with the Cougars still in the lead 49-35.

In the early minutes of the final quarter, both Green Valley and Coronado scored.

Coronado took possession of the ball. Boman scored making the score 62-44, Cougars.

With 40 seconds left on the clock, a fight broke out between two players delaying the game and resulting in a Green Valley player getting kicked out of the game.

After another personal foul on Savoy, Coronado scored the last point of the game, ending the game with a final score of 63-48, Coronado.

The team’s next game is an away conference game at Basic High School on Tuesday, Feb. 3 at 6:30 P.M.