Wildcats claw past Cougars in varsity flag football game


By Lexi Lane

Varsity flag football competes against Las Vegas’s High School team at the 20 yard line. Photo by Lexi Lane
Varsity flag football competes against Las Vegas’s high school team at the 20 yard line. Photo by Lexi Lane

Women’s varsity flag football (3-4) lost to Las Vegas (5-4) 25-6 on Thursday, Dec. 15.

The game began with a pass to Reagan Raimer, sophomore, and Shawna Slater, junior, pulling an opponent’s flag shortly after. However, an incomplete pass to Giovanna Coelho, junior, gave Vegas the room to score two touchdowns.

“After each play we congratulate and build up one another. Every win or loss brings us closer,” said Raimer.

The Wildcats had an incomplete pass on fourth down, and the Cougars called for a timeout on third. The score was 13-0 at halftime, with the Wildcats taking the lead.

“I feel like we definitely could have done better, but we are still getting the hang of it, so we should be good when we get back from break,” Lexie Potts, sophomore, said.

During the second half of the game, the Cougars made a slight comeback, scoring a touchdown and bringing them up six points. However, Vegas’ scored two more touchdowns that advanced them far into the lead, ending the game winners 25-6.

“I think we need more practices, and more experience, and then we will improve a lot,” said quarterback Caitlin Shannon.

The conference games are set to take place starting Tuesday, Jan. 3.

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