Seniors scavenge for Star Wars


By Lorin Enns

Winning seniors show off their new Star Wars shirts and tickets following the scavenger hunt on Friday, Dec. 8. Photo by Lorin Enns

With seconds counting down the release of the newest Star Wars installment, seniors readied themselves for the “Star Wars Senior Night” scavenger hunt. Mr. Johnson and Class of 2018 StuCo representatives purchased and hid tickets in select places throughout the school. Clues were sent out through Remind 101 text messages Wednesday, Dec. 6 through Friday, Dec. 8,  aiding seniors in the search for the 60 total tickets distributed throughout the week.

“We sent out reminders on Remind 101, like little clues about where the next spot would be to pick up the tickets,” StuCo member Sophia Zimmer, senior, said. “Throughout the week, we’ve made the clues harder and harder to make the places harder to find.” 

StuCo also awarded a limited edition senior Star Wars shirt to wear on opening night. Mr. Johnson, along with the other 12 participating chaperones, arranged for seniors to get the chance to see the first viewing on Thursday night prior to its release.

“When we went with the seniors two years ago with Mrs. Barlow, they went on the day the movie came out,” Mr. Johnson said. “They went on that Friday when the movie had already been out for 22 hours or so. We’re going on opening night, first show, first theatre.”

The last of the tickets were hidden throughout the school Friday morning, bringing an end to the hunt for the Star Wars prize.

“We got here early every day to find the tickets, and that’s dedication,” Tim Gutterman, senior, said. “I’m very excited to see the movie. I think I’m skeptical that this is going to be a good movie, but I think it’s better when you’re with a group of friends.”

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