Hannah Grossman causes a racquet at Seattle U


By Rayne Hayes

Exhausted, Hannah Grossman, 12, keeps her head in the game at her Regional match at Darling Tennis Center. Photo Courtesy of Hannah Masluk.

Between being the captain of the women’s varsity tennis team, her commitments to National Charity League, homework, friends, and playing an average of 15 hours of tennis a week, Hannah Grossman is one busy senior.

“Every single time something is given or assigned to her, she gives her all, and she always puts all her effort into everything thing she does,” Sebastian Frace, sophomore, said. “She is very organized and always plans ahead. All of this has had a major impact on me and has caused me to have better grades and to have an improved motivation into all aspects of my life.”

School has been stressful for her while she maintains her 4.5 GPA; however, it all paid off when she was accepted to her dream school, Seattle University, on a D1 tennis scholarship. Tennis has been a huge part of her life, and she’s always wanted to live in Seattle because of the greenery. Playing the sport since she was six years old, Grossman has enjoyed how tennis has forced her to connect with her passion, grit and perseverance.

“Hannah is absolutely hilarious,” Mrs. Jackson, AP Environmental teacher and  tennis adviser, said. “She has a very healthy outlook on success, failure and dedication. To be successful in tennis, it takes a lot of mental strength. It’s not all about physicality, which she has, but she is mentally tough: keeping everything in perspective with a well-rounded point of view while never losing sight of her goals.”

For six years she has also been involved in National Charity League, a non-profit organization run by mothers and their daughters all over the country. Through this, Grossman has learned the importance of giving back to her community while strengthening the bond between her and her mother.

“Describing Hannah is incredibly easy for me,” Melissa Grossman, mother, said. “She by all accounts has lived an incredible and successful life thus far. Her accolades are apparent both on and off the court as she has strived to be her very best in tennis and in the classroom. She has worked hard to get to this point in her life, but what’s even more impressive to me is the person she has become. She is kind, caring, and loves her family. She is a friend, a mentor, and she is the type of person I look up to and try to emulate.”

Grossman has never shied away from a challenge either taking a total of six AP classes. Throughout her high school career, her determination never stopped. She will be pursuing nursing at Seattle University in order to achieve her dream of being in the medical field.

“I am pursuing a career in Nursing, working to continue improving at tennis, and contributing to my community in Seattle through volunteering,” Grossman said. “I am excited to continue my education at a higher level as student and pursue my dream as a D1 tennis player. I’m excited to meet new people and live in a completely different environment than I’m used to.”