Will You Bag This Trend?


By Riley Cable

Illustration by Ainsley Davis.

Let’s face it, there are too many books and papers for students to carry each item individually. Luckily, there are backpacks. In the olden days of the 90s and early 2000s, Jansport backpacks were all the rage. They did exactly what was needed, and their average price was only $35. Recently, a new bag has taken its place: the Kanken. The sturdy bags that have been used since elementary school are no longer in, and it is expected that people make the transition to the new square, sleek bag according to society’s fashion bloggers. Although the bag isn’t as bulky and has a unique look, it’s retailing for an absurd price of $80.

Kankens, which were created in Sweden, have been around since 1978, so the burning question is, why have they just recently become the newest craze? It doesn’t make sense why a square is suddenly taking over schools. Organizing a Kanken is as complex as putting groceries into a brown paper bag: it takes serious skills. Along with the shape being very odd, there aren’t any special styles or designs. If a bag is $80.00, it should come in every design imaginable, but instead consumers can only choose basic, boring, solid colors. Of course there will always be teens who prefer to stay up to date with current fads, but there are more practical ways to spend Daddy’s money.

For $80, a bag should be able to do anything and everything. It should be more than a book bag; it should be THE bag. The side pockets should be able to hold more than a few pencils and trash, and there isn’t much organization within the larger sections. With that $80.00, you could go see your favorite performer in concert. A night out is far more enjoyable than spending a night at home because you can’t afford anything. Spending $80 seems ridiculous when you can be doing something memorable.

As soon as you consider taking the plunge, remember that there are endless things money could be wasted on. Although this backpack could make or break your social status, take the risk and use that money to go share a quality meal with a friend. Underclassmen, instead of investing in this bag, go find your friendly, neighborhood senior and pass on some gas money.

Even without taking a single college finance class, people should understand that $80 is a lot to spend on a lame box with straps. Today, like yesterday, students want nothing more than to fit in, but they still need a place to FIT their books. If you do not have this backpack, you will not be shunned in society, and that is a promise. Nowadays, there are so many options other than a typical black bag, and you will be able to find a bag that really speaks to you and that can hold your daily essentials for a much lower price. Your wallet will love you forever if you refrain and wait until the next trend emerges. Maybe then, it will be worth it.

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Riley Cable is a senior, and this is her third year on “The Roar” staff. This year she is taking on the role as Editor-in-chief. Riley loves to write features and sports, specifically soccer. In her free time, she loves to take workout classes, get coffee or just drive around blasting music. Riley loves being surrounded by good energies, and she loves to constantly be around people. Riley’s current plans after high school are to attend college and hopefully pursue a career in neuroscience or psychiatry, but she wants to keep writing on the side.