If you could choose any three artists to headline a music festival, who would they be?


“I would choose Cage the Elephant because not a lot of people know of them, but they put on such a great show. The main singer is so goofy and weird.  Muse is a good band too because they put on such a great show. Their newest album is all tech and isn’t their original sound, so their show is filled with special effects. Young the Giant is also such a great band as well. There really isn’t a song that you would hate.” Ava Crouch, 9

“I want the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pink Floyd and the Beatles to headline show.” Liam Deems, 10

“I would want to see Brockhampton, Tyler the Creator and Billie Elish.” Izzy Aquino, 11

“My headliners would be Ella Fitzgerald because she is my favorite jazz musician, Rex Orange County because they are super calming, and Hoodie Allen because it gets me super hyped.” Sheldon Skoboloff, 12