New Thanksgiving schedule set for 2020


By Isabella Burnette

Last one/ Students mark their calendars for the last full thanksgiving break. CCSD announced that next year, all schools will have staff development days and a shortened thanksgiving break. Photo by Isabella Burnette

Students will experience their last full week off for Thanksgiving break this year. 

CCSD has officially announced that in the 2020-21 school year all schools in the district will no longer have a full week off for Thanksgiving.

“Staff development days were never gone, they were just divided up into a certain amount of time each day after school,” principal, Mr. Piccininni said.

In the 2018-19 school year, CCSD eliminated the four staff development days per year, giving students and teachers a full week off to spend time with family and friends around Thanksgiving. In return, these days were replaced with staff meetings after school.

“We have the same amount of time with either schedule,” Piccininni said. “I think bringing back the four full staff development days will help us be more productive with the time we have.” 

Most of the Coronado staff, including Piccininni prefer the schedule from two years prior. In the school year of 2020-2021, students of CCSD will have this schedule with only five days off for Thanksgiving instead of eight. Students and staff will have Wednesday, Nov. 24 to Friday Nov. 26 off in 2020.

“I like having a full week off so much more,” sophomore Reese Judd said. “A lot of people plan full Thanksgiving vacations for the week and not having the full week off makes that harder.”

Although two days are taken from the full week of Thanksgiving break, they are made up for at other times in the year in the form of full staff development days. Students are required to go to school 180 days a year and with either schedule, that requirement is met.

“Hallelujah, now I will have time to actually work with my students,” Mrs. Mitchell said. “We’ll also be more useful with our time on the staff development days.”

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