Spooky games give players a scare


By Lorin Alukonis

Hide and Seek/ Horror-adventure game, Little Nightmares follows a young girl exploring and escaping various locations from mutated creatures. If you are intrigued by puzzles and using your brains, this suspenseful game is for you!

With technology rapidly advancing in recent years, video game consoles such as Xbox and Playstation have been able to improve the production and quality of their video games. If you’re looking for an extension to your spooky season, it is the perfect time to experience some of these creations that are sure to give a fright.

Resident Evil 7

From 1996 to 2021, the Resident Evil series has gained popularity and support from Steam, Playstation, and Xbox gamers. With the new remakes and continuous storylines, fans of the video game series love each new game more and more. When thinking about a horror game, most people think of Resident Evil since their platform is across not only gaming consoles, but also the multitude of movies released in theaters, with their newest coming out next month. The most recent game, Resident Evil 8, spread quickly through gamers and Tik Tok trends revolving around the characters. The plot of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard follows the protagonist, Ethan Winters as he searches for his wife Mia after mysteriously disappearing in Louisiana. He makes his way through a farm where she allegedly was last seen and encounters the strange and terrifying family that owns this land. Along the way, he finds video evidence of Mia changing and turning into some kind of creature and continues to figure out what happened to her. This game is a first-person game involving various weapons to get the real experience as to what it’s like in the Resident Evil universe.

Little Nightmares

Taking place in a post-apocalyptic society, a small girl wearing a yellow raincoat explores her new world, solving puzzles and escaping the creatures that were once human. With every new level, the scenery changes with different mutated monsters, always bringing a new piece of the story and explaining what happened to the world around her. This adventure game really takes brains to solve since many of the background or objects in the universe can move and cause reactions to the environment around them. Little Nightmares is available on Steam, Playstation, Xbox, and the Nintendo Switch for about $19.99. This year, Little Nightmares 2 was released showing the prequel to the first game and how the character ”Six” and the altered world came about. Throughout this enticing journey, players will feel all kinds of emotions towards the storyline and will utterly be shocked by the plot twist at the end. If you are a puzzle-fanatic and enjoy testing your knowledge, try Little Nightmares today!


Outlast is a stealth horror game available on Steam, Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. It begins when a reporter gets an anonymous tip to explore an asylum in the mountains where various experiments were held. The whole game is from the viewpoint of a camcorder with a night vision mode making it frightening since visuals are limited and making all jumpscares unpredictable and heart-stopping. The goal of this game is to escape, so investigation and in-depth exploration of the environment are up to the player. Another terrifying feature is that no weapons are available to use against these experimental creatures; the only option is to run and hide, adding stress to the player to survive. Outlast is known to be one of the scariest games because of the constant cat and mouse chase and having no way to fight back. If you are looking for an everlasting fearful experience, Outlast is meant for you!

Sally Face

Gaining popularity this summer, Sally Face is an indie adventure game that follows Sal Fisher, a high schooler, known for his prosthetic face, who moves to a small town and explores his new apartment building. A mysterious murder takes place after he moves in and tries to solve the anomalies occurring in his new home while going on adventures with his new friends. Sal discovers the dark secrets of the building and with the help of his friends, finds a way to stop the curse on the land. With the immersive gameplay and heart-warming character development, the ending is sure to shock the player’s heart. This 10-hour game is available on Steam and the Nintendo Switch for $14.99 and is 100% worth the purchase.

Until Dawn

Created by Sony, Until Dawn has a unique game style where one can play as every character and can make their decisions. This game is heavily based on the butterfly effect where every decision has a different outcome and morally, the player has to choose what would be best for the character to stay alive. This game follows a group of young adults as they return to a cabin on Native American land where their friends once disappeared. Throughout the game, each character builds or breaks their relationship with others as they discover what caused their friends to disappear. Until Dawn is filled with many jump scares that will give you the fright factor and will keep you on your toes when playing. It is available on Playstation and PC for about $19.99.

Since the spooky season is coming to an end, these amazing video games are perfect for the closing of October. Each with its unique storyline and game mechanics, all of these games are sure to be worth the hours of gameplay that can go by in a flash. 

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