Save lives by participating in Coronado’s blood drive


By Maya Fankulewski 

Donating Blood// Students look at the Blood Drive Sign-Up sheets in the library during lunch. These can be found outside of Mrs. Tidball’s room and must be filled out along with the online Google form. (Photo by Maya Fankulewski)

Coronado’s third blood drive of the school year will be hosted on Feb. 9 in the auxiliary gym for students who are interested and eligible to participate in the blood donation. 12th graders who donate blood at least twice this year will receive a cord during graduation. Sign-up sheets for this event can be found outside of Mrs. Tidball’s room in the school library. 

“I’m very excited to go to the blood drive again,” senior Brenna Garcia said. “This is my second time donating blood this year which means I will have helped save lives and will also be getting a cord during graduation.” 

There are certain requirements that students must meet in order to participate in the blood drive. By filling out the Blood Drive Sign-Up form, students can see if they meet all requirements. Permission slips must be signed in order to donate, and the event will be taking place from first through fourth period. All students who participate in the blood drive will be excused from any classes they miss. 

“Students need to see they are helping the greater good. Nevada is in a national blood shortage.” Mrs. Tidball said. “If you donate you can save up to 3 lives. This goes beyond helping yourself and is one of the most selfless acts. Most students leave the aux gym feeling like they did something positive for the community.”  

The blood drive will be hosted through Vitalant, a nonprofit organization. This is the third out of four blood drives to happen at Coronado this school year. Snacks and juice boxes will be provided for students as they wait before and after donating blood. Remember that all requirements must be met in order to participate. 

“I can’t wait to take part in the blood drive!” junior Andrea Medrano said. “I don’t fit the age requirement to donate yet, but as soon as I do, I will be signing up. I think it’s really cool that our school does this, and I think it’s important for students to donate.”

Students who sign-up for the Blood Drive must pick a class period that they would like to donate during. On February 9th, they will leave class during this period and head to the aux gym. Permission slips must be brought, along with Student ID. Participants will fill out a questionnaire through Vitalant before donating blood in order to make sure that they are able to donate. 

“I think it’s really amazing that our school hosts blood drives every quarter.” senior Dhanvi Yuvaraj said. “Although it’s a little scary, it gives students the opportunity to save lives. Anyone who is eligible should definitely sign up for it.”

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