Lights, Camera, Action, Homecoming



Dancing Queen// One of many posters hung throughout the school referencing popular movies to inform students of the upcoming spirit week. (Photo by Sienna Nicholson)

by Sienna Nicholson

As the days draw closer to homecoming, which is due to take place on September 23rd at 8 pm in the Coronado High School quad, the theme of the event has been announced: “Nado On Film.” The event is centered around cinema and catching the interest of students all over school.

“The way we figure out the homecoming theme is everybody comes up with a presentation and then presents their idea for the theme,” sophomore Sabrina Skolboloff said. “We then all discuss and take a vote.” 

The discussion was long and thorough, but soon the decision was made, landing on the current cinematic theme.

For the past several weeks, student council has been working diligently to organize and put together homecoming. Students have managed fundraising for the event through ticket sales as well as raising awareness for the big event through different spirit days, which was a leading factor in their choice of theme.

“We were going back and forth, but we wanted to make sure we had a theme that could have a good spirit week that would get everyone hyped up for the assembly,” senior Leahrose Schinzel said. “It helps to make everyone feel more comfortable when they aren’t too extravagant.”

With how many people have participated in spirit week, the final decision was clearly the right call. All over the school, students have been participating in dress-up days such as “On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink” and “Adam Sandler Day” all themed around different popular movies.

“I think the theme is very fun,” junior Ella Jacobson said. “I’ve really liked dressing up for all the different days.”

All of this is leading up to an exciting Friday. Students are curious to see how the theme will affect the main event; the bash itself. Many people have been planning their outfits trying to match the cinematic style, though others have had trouble.

“I was planning to dress around the theme,” senior Jacqueline Harber said. “It is kind of difficult since it’s so broad.” 

Even with the broadness of the theme, the buzz for homecoming is strong. Between the assembly, the game, and the bash everyone is thrilled for the main event starting at 8 pm this Friday, September 23rd.