Is Senioritis a good thing?

Drowning in assignments// Unmotivating work leaves seniors stressed and tired. Students start to “slack off” at school. (Photo by Ienka Santos)

by Ienka Santos

It’s that time of the year when high school seniors inevitably find themselves in a slump called senioritis. Based on personal experiences, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. It’s a sluggish period of time where giving up seems better than trying. You may think it makes you cool because of movies and social media, but it doesn’t. Senioritis takes away from your senior experience. Your grades start to slip, and all of your hard work from the past years goes out the window. In short, senioritis is absolutely horrendous.

Senioritis is an excuse for high school seniors who don’t feel like doing their work and just want to coast through their classes until they can graduate. Senior students have gone through three years of high school and are ready to leave. In the back of their minds, they are thinking “why not do the bare minimum”. Not to mention, a student’s senior year is the most important year of high school.

During your senior year, you have to start caring because not only do you have grades to worry about, but you also have college applications to complete. Most of the time, colleges look for students who are motivated to do their work. Senioritis not only hinders this, but it also creates more stress on the students who procrastinate. This procrastination causes students’ assignments to be turned in as minimum F’s and their grades to decrease. With grades going down, your GPA goes down with it, causing your transcript to look bad. For example, if your straight A’s will go down to C’s and D’s, this just makes you look like a bad student. It also causes stress and not the fun challenge/excitement of a roller-coaster kind but more crying in the middle of the night kind. Why add more stress to your school year, when you could and should be enjoying it?

Another thing senioritis enhances is laziness. I would even say laziness is the main reason senioritis even exists. It causes students to lose motivation to finish the year strong.

If you don’t get rid of your senioritis now, it will stick with you when you grow older. You’ll start to slack off, not wanting to do any of your work, and eventually it will be a bad habit that you develop.

One way you could get rid of senioritis is by hanging out with your friends; it could be a great way to increase your motivation, especially when studying as a group. Another way would be to not leave things to the last minute. It may sound hard, but once you put your mind to it, you’ll be able to accomplish a lot more things.

Many high school seniors worldwide get senioritis; they lose motivation and start to slack off. Therefore, I advise you not to fall victim to senioritis, to have fun, and make the most out of your final year of high school.