Coronado’s Theatre Department takes on the Utah Shakespeare Festival

Action! // Smiling bright and early, the Coronado Theatre department drove to Utah for the Shakespeare festival at the University of Utah. Cast members and theatre tech alike got to learn from the university-level theatre department and watch performances such as the Sound of Music. (Photo courtesy of Brianna Gracia)

by Taina Queiroz Fonseca

On Saturday, October 1st, the Coronado theatre department embarked on a trip to Southern Utah University at 4:45 am and returned at 7 pm the same day. The students got a chance to explore different 60-minute workshops and watch a performance of The Sound of Music by the Southern Utah University theatre. 

“We went to the Utah Shakespeare festival up in Cedar City and it was super fun,” senior Addie Zolik said. “We got to do a few different workshops- things like musical theatre dancing and yoga-as well as attend a Q+A with the cast of the Sound of Music as well as attending that production.”

The university’s theatre department gave Coronado’s theatre students advice on growing in their acting pursuits. The advice included helpful tips on how to do well in professional auditions.

“The Q+A was super helpful for those students pursuing theatre as a career,” senior Addie Zolik said. “It gave tips on how to deal with an ever-changing career and how to do your best in an audition.”

While all students walked away with more tidbits of knowledge, the trip was particularly helpful to the theatre tech students. While the cast members were doing their theatre workshops, theatre tech was learning about creating excellent sets.

“It was an eye-opening experience that showed everything that went into the theatre,” senior Ariana de la Puente said. “I learned that you don’t need expensive materials or the perfect piece to make detailed structures.”

Theatre students will continue to prosper in their studies and perform their first play of the year Hamelette on October 13th, 14th, and 15th at 6 pm.