Stranger theories

Theory Whiz//A book of Stranger Things theories sits on a desk, some are impressive…others are questionable. Fans’ imaginations have been going wild since the end of Season 4. (Photo by Brianna Gracia)

by Brianna Gracia

With the anticipation of the fifth and final season approaching, fans of Stranger Things have been bursting with excitement and fear for their favorite characters. From this stemmed plenty of theories – some sound, even believable, others zany and off the walls. Beware…spoilers lurk below. 

Popular Opinion: Eddie the Vampire

The last time fans saw their beloved metalhead, Eddie Munson, he had been attacked by demo-bats and succumbed to his injuries, sharing one final goodbye with his partner in crime, Dustin. While the death was incredibly tragic, fans are optimistic that won’t be the last they see of him. 

The core of this theory stems from within Dungeons and Dragons lore. Vecna, the powerful lich-like wizard, is known to have a nocturnal servant, the vampire, Kas. It’s said that Kas eventually betrays Vecna, taking his power and removing his left hand. 

In D&D, the character Kas can actually be made an ally within the Greyhawk Campaign setting to the players, indicating his alignment may not be entirely evil, regardless of his vampirical status. Not only that, but Eddie has bat tattoos along his arm. Coincidence? Fans think not. Many believe this is foreshadowing to the character being reincarnated as the legendary blood-sucker. 

Whether the theory is true or not, it’s very clear Eddie’s death resonated deeply with fans. Many are hopeful he will make a return. Others have accepted the headbanging metalhead may have had his final bow. 

Deep Dive: Kate Bush and the ST Plotline

Any Stranger Things fan that hasn’t had “Running Up That Hill” stuck in their head at least once is lying to themselves. The song, originally released in 1985 by Kate Bush, was revived in the iconic showdown between Max and Vecna. 

After the events of the Season 4 finale, fans have been left mind blown as Max has been left in a coma after Vecna’s big attack. Some wonder how she will continue to impact the plot. Others think they have it all figured out – and it’s all thanks to Kate Bush. 

As iconic as “Running up that Hill” is, it’s actually a different song that may be key to Max’s fate. In the same album, Hounds of Love, there is a song called “Waking the Witch.” The song is filled with eerie whispers and a haunting tone as it tells of a comatose girl. This has fans speculating that in Season 5, Max will wake from her coma with power similar to Eleven’s. 

The theory would definitely change some things going into Season 5. Whether or not it can be confirmed cannot be determined, but some fans entertain the idea. 

Wildcard: Steve dies of a poisonous bat bite

As tensions rise, fans are growing more and more defensive of their beloved characters, and with that have created some questionable theories. One of these includes the death of a fan favorite, Steve Harrington, succumbing to a poisonous bat bite. 

Back in Season 4 Episode 6, Steve was attacked by demo-bats after finding himself in the Upside Down. While he was quickly patched up and back on his feet, some fans speculate his injuries will come back to haunt him. 

 “I wouldn’t worry about the bat thing,” producer Ross Duffer said. “That’s more my thing. I’m worried about bats. That was just me. I was just fixating on the bats at the moment I wrote that. If he’s gonna die, it’s not gonna be from the bat bite.” 

Nevertheless, fans will still have their theories. Those bites did look pretty bad. Not to mention Robin did make a connection to the possibility of rabies. While the chances of that are unlikely, some viewers wouldn’t be surprised if injuries put the renowned babysitter out of commission. 

There’s no doubting it. The imaginations of Stranger Things fans are wild. But with the way things are heading, fans know one thing: stranger things have happened.