Netflix’s new show: Bee and Puppycat

Time to go home! // Walking home after being fired from her job, Bee thinks about how simple life would be if she was a cat. This scene is from Episode 1 titled “Again for the First TIme”. (Photo by Talia Medina)

by Talia Medina

Bee and Puppycat, released on Netflix on September 6th, is an entertaining, animated tv show that old and new fans have been anticipating. 

Bee and Puppycat was released initially on Youtube under the channel Cartoon Hangover. When the pilot was released on July 11th, 2013, the show became an immediate hit and was picked up to become an actual series. 

After the first four episodes were released in 2014, the show began to have some hiatuses, which caused fans to worry; however, the last six episodes were released after a year of waiting. Not much was heard about the show until the second season, Bee and Puppycat: Lost in space, was announced in 2019. However, nothing was heard about it, and the release date of the show was unclear until early August. It was announced that the show was going to be released on Netflix on September 6th, 2022. 

“I started watching Bee and Puppycat at the beginning of 2019,” sophomore Rae Truman said. “It’s always been a comfort show for me and was a great comfort show during covid when everything was a bit tough. I’m happy that Netflix picked up the show because I’ve been waiting for the second season for a while, and even though it was unfortunately leaked in 2020, I decided to wait until the show was officially released to watch it.”

With the show being picked up and released through a different company, many people were unsure if there would be significant changes. Once the show was released, it was revealed that they completely reconstructed the first ten episodes and combined them with the first three episodes of the Netflix release. This was upsetting to some fans that cut some of the most iconic and well-known scenes from the original series. Another thing that fans noted was that many characters’ designs were heavily changed because of the change in art studios, which helped make the animation and art more colorful but changed some essential aspects of many fan-favorite characters. 

“I still love the show, but there are some things that Netflix changed that I didn’t love,” freshman Lennon Askew said. “I didn’t like how they changed how some of the characters looked, especially with what they did with some of the major characters and getting rid of characters that weren’t that important but still, we’re so funny that they would stick with you. Other than that, I still love and adore the show, so I’m hoping more people will watch it.” 

Though there are some changes and differences that Netflix decided, many fans still love and appreciate that the show was finally released. The streaming service has not yet confirmed another season, but fans are hoping there is more to come for the show.