Operators of cars belong behind bars


Boom and Bustle// Awaiting their exit, lines of cars line up like ants trying to escape their colony. The after school traffic typically is seen to die down around 1:45 and the lot begins to look quite bare after 2:00.

Operators of cars belong behind bars

by: Addison Stanton

To say there is a golden hour to arrive at school is simply a fallacy. No matter what the common folk of the school think (teachers and students), the minivan moms always find a way to crash into your plan and make the commute to and from school far from simple. 

Before school, the parking lot vibes are considered tense, enraging, and parent-heavy. As most know, there is a common theme amongst all parking lot struggles. As soon as a driver enters the disastrous school zone area, they immediately want to flip a u-ey. Rush hours at Coronado can essentially be considered a hurricane; the building itself is the eye of the storm where all is calm, yet its outskirts continue to wreak havoc on all things good and holy. 

Let’s begin with a minor traffic violation. Even if one believes certain car manufacturers are below average, they still build turn signals into a car. Free of cost! Parents constantly complain about how young drivers are a terror to the roads, but let’s turn the tables. Seemingly, the majority of drivers dont have the strength to push the turn signal lever (which is approximately 2 inches to the left of your hand) up or down. 

On the flip side, they are not tired enough to cut others off. One would think that these violators are young drivers; however, the “Bob Miller Student of the Month” license plate frames tend to give away who the true culprits are. Granted, there are students who do not use their turn signals, but most students learn how to drive from their guardians. According to NRS: 484.363B, overtaking cars in a school zone is prohibited, so if you are going to break the law and pass someone, use the turn signal. 

Walking is difficult, even for those who are able. There are numerous signs located on the roadway that explicitly read, “Parent Drop Off Zone.” I guess reading is hard too? Seniors who spent several dollars on their custom parking spots often have to fight parents like Katniss Everdeen in the 74th annual Hunger Games to officially have their spot. Apparently, the student population can’t drive or walk more than a few feet to school, but who enables this? The parents. 

It only gets worse. Some minivan moms and don’t-care dads begin to pick up/drop their kids off directly in front of the school entrance… which is directly in front of the staff parking lot. Imagine a little freshman who has just begun their high school education and their parent dropped them off in the way of an oncoming wave of excellent educators and stupendous support staff who are attempting to park their vehicles. This poor little freshman will be engraved into the teacher’s mind and the next four years of their life might be a battle harder to conquer than the parking lot. The same goes for pick-up and drop-off.

To all the don’t care dads and minivan moms: A) Turn signals are appreciated B) Don’t block off the roadway C) Drop your kid off outside of the parking lot D) Take the Student of the Month license plate frames off, please.