Multicultural night embraces diversity


By Bekah Denny

Clubs prepare for the festivities before students come and experience a piece of their culture. (Photo by Maddie Baker)

To promote diversity, the Cultural Committee hosted Cultural Awareness Night on Monday, March 19, from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. in the cafeteria.

“Multicultural night is important because it promotes inclusion in our school and it reminds people that these are the people in our neighborhood,” Sedona Whalen, junior, said.

Twenty-two clubs in total participated. The clubs ranged from educational, like the National English Honors Society, to performance related, like Polynesian Club. Differing from Leo Club’s “Culture Shock,” Multicultural Night was composed of booths that the clubs decorated and managed themselves.

“Multicultural Night shows that Coronado is more diverse than what people think it is. It’s showing off the different cultures on campus,” Jalen Valdecantos, freshman, said.

Each booth included variations of activities, food, and demonstrations. The clubs decided what they offered at their booths, according to their club subject. National Art Honor Society had dot paintings hanging in the 800’s halls, American Sign Language taught sign language and handed out pizza, and Key Club performed the traditional Filipino “Tinikling” dance.

The Cultural Committee was created this school year in response to the prevalence of cultural tensions during the 2016-17 year. Due to low attendance of Culture Shock, Leo Club and the Cultural Committee combined forces to create this interactive event that promotes inclusion and community.

“We wanted to showcase the amazing things that go on at Coronado, and we’re working to change the feeling on campus, change the culture if you will, to one of inclusion and celebration of our differences rather than division and hate,” Ms. Gilbert, assistant principal, said.

Multicultural Night embraced the diverse groups the school fosters and was an opportunity for clubs to get their names out for returning students to possibly join.